New Jack Hustle (Newman + Shawn Jackson) – 2 It (video)

Posted in Artists, Music Videos on September 29th, 2008 by Hyphen

Ha, that’s funny…I just chopped it up with Shawn Jack and the old homey Newman (of Giant Panda) last night before their show here in Seattle, and I come home to see this ill video in my inbox (whatup Sweeney?).  In case you aren’t aware, Shawn and Newman have teamed up to form New Jack Hustle and they’re releasing an album called Soundcheck on October 21st.  This track won’t be on it since it’s from 2006, but it’s a dope wake up slap to make sure y’all are ready for the new ish.  A little closer to the release date, I’ll post up the interview I did with ’em so you can get the full scoop.

Sidenote: Last night’s Sound Session will be coming shortly.  We’re trying a little something different with the video from our interview with The Knux and it’ll take an extra day or so to put online.  Hold tight and it’ll be available online before you know it.

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