Bilal – Think It Over

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I like to think about, all the fun we had.
Up on a cloud, never thought we would fall,
Back to the world. Gravity, pulled us down,
Then it tore us apart, why can’t things, turn out,
Like you wanted?

I never want to take away from you.
I feel like you’re flying and I’m weighing you down.
You should be free, to be,
But for now, maybe the second time around,
Will be sweeter.

Oh think it over, think it over. Oh think it over, think it over.

Thought we was gonna be forever.
Like King and Coretta, I thought we could change the world,
But I needed air. I stepped out, on the balcony,
And the world took me out.

But you know I’ll always have a thing for you,
And if I deny it, I’ll be lying to myself.
I pick up the phone, put it down,
But I’ve been asking around,
And I hear you’re doing better now.

Oh think it over, think it over. Oh think it over, think it over.

My favorite song out right now.  Buy Bilal‘s new album, Air Tight’s Revenge, and support good music!

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Bilal on Sound Session

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A few months ago, J. Moore and I held a quick informal poll on Sound Session with our listeners – Of the most well respected ‘big 3’ R&B singers of the last 15 years, who is your favorite – Maxwell, D’Angelo, or Bilal?  Despite only releasing one official album, Bilal battled it out with D’Angelo for the top spot and they ended up tying the vote.

Personally, after hearing 1st Born Second in 2001, my entire vision of R&B was shaken to the core.  On that one record, Bilal displayed a soulfulness in his music, songwriting, and most noticeably, his voice that hasn’t been topped since.  Simply put, it’s a flawless album and marks one of the crowning achievements of the Soulquarian collective.

When Bilal came through the SNSS studio, we jumped at the chance to ask him all about that album, his Love For Sale follow up that was unfortunately shelved by Interscope (Industry Rule #4,080), and his upcoming project, Air Tight’s Revenge.  We also discussed his upbringing, his first big break as D’Angelo’s back up singer (and his prompt firing), behind the scenes stories from the Soulquarian days, his favorite J Dilla memory, and much more.  Check out the full interview below to catch up with the legendary Bilal Oliver.

Bilal on Sound Session
(back up / streaming link – )

If you’re a music lover and don’t own 1st Born Second, cop it immediately

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