Asher Roth ft. Akon – Last Man Standing (video)

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While I don’t think this single is necessarily one of Asher’s stronger lyrical performances recently, I wonder if there are people out there that still don’t realize he can really rhyme.  If so, you must not have peeped the EP with Notttz, nor some of the random leaks from the past year.  I’m looking forward to Asher’s sophomore album solidifying his place in the game and erasing any thoughts that it was solely about “I Love College.”

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 3-6-10

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“If you’re sexy and you know it, clap your hands”
— Akon, “Party Animal”

Ok, maybe you need to hear it in Akon’s autotuned voice to really feel it, but you get the idea.

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Blaq Poet – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (video)

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Nothing spectacular, but I dig this track and video from Blaq Poet and DJ Premier.  You could easily tell me this was from ’99 and I wouldn’t think twice.  Great use of Akon’s vocals…woah, never thought I’d say that.

Video swiped from OnSmash.

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 12-11-08

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I checked out Freedom last weekend and you know it’s a sad day when I’m actually disappointed by an Akon album.  Like…I knew it wouldn’t be good, but wow.  It’s really that bad.  “I’m So Paid” is probably the best track, which is a bit scary.  There was one line on the album that stood out too:

“Flipping pages, now famous/
Thinking back, I ain’t seen you in ages/
Wishing I could make it less painless/
Brings me right back to the same as…”
–Akon, “Birthmark”

Wait a second.  “Less painless”?  So…more painful?

Grammar fail.

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 12-2-08

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Hahahahah @ T-Pain, Akon, Diddy, and Mary J. Blige singing about how to make the world a better place.  You just knew something dumb was gonna be said:

“I’d turn every bullet into a Hershey’s Kiss and we could eat away our fears”
–Akon, “Change”

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 11-25-08

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Akon decided to raise the WLotD bar with this one and do an entire song full of…questionable…lyrics.  Here’s the first 20 seconds:

“I won’t take off your mp3 address, until you tell me yes/
That you received my text, now you got the sex/
I wanna mp3 me & you, I’m on your laptop/
Go ahead and download, baaaaaaby/
I wanna mp3 me & you, straight from my hard drive/
Into your software, gotta let you know I care”
–Akon, “MP3 Me & You”

Can’t we just kill this whole extended metaphor already?  Next did it first (“I want your PC, sit on my laptop”), and every incarnation since then has been embarrassingly bad.  Here’s the ‘Kon if you want to hear more of the hilarity:

Akon – “MP3 Me & You”

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Kardinal Offishall – Dangerous (Live Clip)

Posted in Artists, Live Performances, Videos on August 3rd, 2008 by Hyphen

A little snippet of Kardinal, Solitair, and Lindo P performing “Dangerous” at a Pepsi DJ Division event in NYC a few days back.  Seeing these dudes rock live is a sight to behold.  In the interview with Kardi that I’ll post up tonight, he discusses the importance of his live show, how being raised by Jamaican parents in Toronto helped spark that energy, and a million other topics.  Get ready, this interview is a long one.  A couple more of these and I’m changing the show to Inside The Rappers Studio.

Shout to Info for the footage.

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