Tinashe – All Hands On Deck (video)

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Look. If Cassie’s just gonna be Diddy’s boo and not release any material, I’m gonna go ahead and give Tinashe her spot.

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Cassie – King Of Hearts (video)

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I just found out that there’s actually audio accompanying Cassie’s new video.  Huh.  Did not know that.

I mean, really, y’all know how I feel about Cassie.  I had to post this.

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Jhene Aiko – Stranger (video)

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Jhene took the crown from Cassie for my number 1 crush a while back and I’m happy to say she also wins that battle musically. Here’s her video for “Stranger” off sailing soul(s), which I’m hoping is only one of many.  Especially if we can get visuals for “Hoe” with Miguel and Gucci Mane that remotely resemble the artwork.  Yikes.

Side note: this song is obviously speaking about guys who always want the same thing, but as I’m going through #inboxmadness, I often think of this record.  I do not need you, rappers, yet I meet you every day!

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Cassie ft. Diddy – Must Be Love (video)

Posted in Artists, Joints, Videos on June 13th, 2009 by Hyphen

Suspect voice…naked pics on the net…dating Diddy…half her head shaved…I don’t even care, I love this woman.  And to be honest, I actually do like this song.  The beat is on some underground hip-hop ish or maybe something that Nas woulda told a crazy story over in the late 90’s.  I’d rather hear this on the airwaves than most other pop-R&B singles these days, but it doesn’t look like it’s catching on too well.

Cassie ft. Diddy – “Must Be Love”

Perhaps she’ll hit with the second single.  Either way, Diddy knew exactly what he was doing when he signed her.  Well played sir.

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Thank you Cassie, Thank you internet

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Nah, I’m not gonna post ’em, cause I do try to keep this blog PG-13 for the kids, but I know we’ve all seen Cassie’s pics by now.  And I know we all approve.

They did remind me of this original version of the “Me & U” video though, which for the longest time I thought had been stricken from the internet.  Apparently they decided to make a video that reflected the blatant message in the song and only later realized this was a more sexual first look than they wanted for her career.  Little did they know, this is tame as of yesterday.  Besides, in this digital age, nothing on the net is ever really gone.

Sidenote, how cool is it that wifey was the one who tracked this down for me hahah…keeper!

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Cassie ft. Lil’ Wayne – Official Girl (video)

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(LOL @ that still frame.  Biggest. Contrast. Ever.)

Song = Wack.  Cassie = Hot.  Deal with it.

Swiped from OnSmash.

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cot. damn.

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The new issue of Complex Magazine features 4 covers, 2 with Cassie and then the other split between N.E.R.D. and Lupe.  Marcus Troy has the pics, including some of Cassie’s photoshoot.  Look at them.  Now.

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I fully support this post

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Since Kanye was liberated, he’s been dedicating a bunch of posts to random women on his blog.  This is one I support wholeheartedly.

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Cassie…damn, damn, damn…

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I warned y’all I might post random ish from time to time. But with that picture, I assume you can’t be too mad. I was just listening to Ryan Leslie’s new single, “Addicted,” with Cassie and Fabolous, and I thought I’d post it up for 2 reasons. 1) it’s a cool song. 2) there’s something about the way Cassie sings “I’m addicted to you” that is the ish. Don’t judge me.

Ryan Leslie ft. Cassie & Fabolous – “Addicted”

Damn, I was going to toss up the original version of her “Me & You” video, but apparently it’s been removed from all over the net. WTF! Say it ain’t so…

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