Sound Session – Show #496 (12-14-14)

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Sunday Night Sound Session has been on air for almost 10 years and we’ve archived every single episode online, but we’ve always looked for a good distribution solution. Soundcloud made some licensing changes lately that allows us to utilize their platform for streaming/downloading full episodes of the show. After doing some testing, I think this should work and help you guys enjoy the show much easier each week. No weird download sites, full functionality with all your devices (the Soundcloud app is a must for mobile/tablet), and one centralized location for our episodes and interviews going forward. Most importantly, it should allow more people to discover all the great music that’s out there right now so we can support these artists and they can continue to create!

On this week’s show, we played new tracks from artists like Joey Badass, Termanology, Michael Christmas, Astro, Tunji Ige, Saigon, J. Cole, Coultrain, Tuxedo, Anthony Hamilton, Your Old Droog, Electric Wire Hustle, Lion Babe, salute, Tink, and the loooooooong awaited return of D’Angelo. Plus, we were joined in studio by Malice & Mario Sweet to debut Malice’s new solo song, “Try You,” produced by Jake One. Great stuff all night…


Show #496 (12-14-14)

1.    Joey Bada$$ – “No. 99”
2.    Termanology ft. Michael Christmas & Astro – “I’m Good”
3.    PRhyme (Royce Da 5’9” & DJ Premier) ft. Jay Electronica – “To Me, To You”
4.    Big K.R.I.T. ft. Lupe Fiasco – “Lost Generation”
5.    De La Soul ft. Chuck D – “The People”
6.    Saigon – “Let’s Get Smart”
7.    J. Cole – “Apparently”
8.    Common ft. Sadat X – “1-9-9-9” (Throwback of the Week)
10.    D’Angelo and the Vanguard – “Sugah Daddy”
11.    Coultrain – “Let’s Pretend It’ll Last”
13.    Malice Sweet – “Try You” (Local Music)
14.    Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One) – “Wonderful Christmastime” (Local Music)
16.    Anthony Hamilton – “What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas”
17.    Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D) – “Spent” (Local Music)
18.    Your Old Droog – “The ‘70s”
19.    Electric Wire Hustle – “Loveless”
20.    salute ft. Vanessa Elisha – “So Cool”
21.    Lion Babe – “Jungle Lady”
22.    Tink ft. Charlamagne Tha God – “Around The Clock”
23.    Fabolous – “Lituation”
24.    Tunji Ige ft. Wonda – “Day 2 Day”

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Sound Session #420 (6-30-13)

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I spent last week in Los Angeles and just like I say after every trip there, half of the city is awesome and half is horrible.  I’ll spare you the lowlights, but on the positive tip, shout to all the folks I spent time with: at ESPN’s LA office, at the Hard Knock TV annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament, and at the BET Awards functions.  Despite losing in the championship game of the hoops tourney, we had a great time and we’re definitely looking forward to the next one.  Along with hoops, the other highlight was definitely a trip to Disneyland.  I hadn’t been in about 20 years since I was a little kid and it really is the happiest place on earth.  Go there, with or without kids.  You’ll have a great time.

As for this week’s SNSS, you already know what it is.  Dope music from folks like Dom Kennedy, Fiend, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Drake, Kanye, Wale, The Bullitts, Mac Miller, Asher Roth, Bas, Lion Babe, Shad, TiRon & Ayomari, and more.  Plus, the young homies, Brothers From Another, joined us in the studio.  Be sure to check out their new Tacos On Broadway EP (features include Sol, Dave B, Thaddeus David, and Asher Roth) right here.  They’re definitely a group to look out for, not just in Seattle, but on a national level.

Enjoy the show!

Show #420 (6-30-13)

  1. Dom Kennedy – “Never”
  2. Prodigy & Alchemist – “Breeze”
  3. Fiend – “Maria Sharapova”
  5. Kanye West – “Black Skinhead”
  6. Run The Jewels (Killer Mike & El-P) ft. Big Boi – “Banana Clipper”
  7. Wale – “88”
  8. Schoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Collard Greens”
  10. Brothers From Another – “Drunk Talk” (Local Music)
  12. Drake ft. Sampha – “The Motion”
  13. The Bullitts ft. Jay Electronica – “Murder Death Kill”
  14. CharlieRED – “GreenGREED”
  15. J. Cole – “Villuminati”
  16. Romaro Franceswa – “Loyalty” (Local Music)
  17. Mac Miller – “Bird Call”
  18. Asher Roth – “Pop Radio”
  19. Shad & Skratch Bastid – “Clappin’”
  20. Tanya Morgan ft. Exile – “Together”
  21. TiRon & Ayomari – “Haven’t You Heard?”
  22. Common – “Resurrection” (Throwback of the Week)
  23. Tope ft. Grynch & Spaceman – “Family Affair” (Local Music)
  24. Bas ft. J. Cole & KQuick – “Lit”
  25. Lion Babe – “Treat Me Like Fire”

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Sound Session #343 (1-8-12)

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While we technically kicked off 2012 with last week’s “Best of 2011” wrap up, this really felt like our first SNSS of the new year.  I don’t really have too much to say, other than the music is dope as always, our homies Kooley High called in to the show, and the Drake/Common “beef” has me like this.

But yeah…enjoy the show!

Show #343 (1-8-12)

  1. Skillz – “Rap Up 2011”
  2. Common – “Raw (How You Like It)”
  3. Rick Ross ft. Drake & French Montana – “Stay Schemin’”
  4. Action Bronson & Statik Selektah – “White Silk”
  5. B.o.B ft. Andre 3000 – “Play The Guitar”
  6. Brother Ali – “Writer’s Block”
  7. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa ft. Mike Posner – “French Inhale”
  8. Sol – “Stage Dive” (Local Music)
  9. Blu & Exile – “The Only One”
  10. Homeboy Sandman – “The Miracle”
  11. Jean Grae – “U & Me & Everyone We Know”
  12. Drake – “Cameras”
  13. Summer Leather Vest – “Unison”
  14. The Weeknd – “Montreal”
  15. AD ft. Dice – “Reality Check” (Local Music)
  16. Ghostface Killah ft. Fred Da Godson & JD Era – “Luxury Rap”
  17. The Kid Daytona – “Done Done It”
  19. Kooley High ft. Skyzoo – “For The Record”
  20. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – “Straighten It Out” (Throwback of the Week)
  21. Benni B – “I Won’t Crash” (Local Music)
  22. Childish Gambino – “Hold You Down”
  23. Gotye ft. Kimbra – “Somebody That I Used To Know”

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Link to download just the interview with Kooley High –
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Common – Raw (How You Like It) (video)

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Well, it just seemed right to make a Com Sense post after that Drake verse…

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Common ft. Makeba – Blue Sky (video)

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Gotta be one of the top songs of the year, right?  I’m happy to see the official visuals after the lyric video held us down for the last few weeks.  Common’s The Dreamer/The Believer was scheduled to be released in November, but it’s just been pushed back to December.  No matter.  I’m still predicting a classic.

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Sound Session #331 (10-9-11)

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New music on this week’s SNSS from the likes of Ro Blvd, Nitty Scott, K-Os, DJ Shadow, Kids These Days, DMP, Evidence, and more, but hands down, the dopest record on the show is Common’s “Blue Sky.”  Crazy!

Big shout to Mayer Hawthorne for calling in as well.  Be sure to pick up his new album, How Do You Do, ASAP!  Listen to the interview to hear Mayer explain how it differs from his previous album, what life on a major label is like, his relationship with Snoop Dogg, how his old Athletic Mic League and Now On homies feel about Haircut becoming a crooner, and more…

Show #331 (10-9-11)

  1. Rick Ross – “I Love My B*tches”
  2. Ro Blvd ft. Thurz – “Great Going Good”
  3. Evidence – “I Don’t Need Love”
  4. Styles P ft. Pharoahe Monch – “Children”
  5. Nitty Scott, MC – “Doobsicles”
  6. TiRon & Ayomari – “If I Had You”
  7. Sonny Bonoho ft. Playboy Tre & Rudi Deville – “Super Cool” (Local Music)
  8. The Gooneez & The Fratelleez ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Too Strong”
  9. Kendrick Lamar – “Cloud 10”
  10. Common – “Blue Sky”
  11. Add-2 – “Introspective of a Young Black Male”
  12. K-Os ft. Drake – “Faith, Pt. 2”
  14. Mayer Hawthorne ft. Snoop Dogg – “Can’t Stop”
  15. DJ Shadow ft. Little Dragon – “Scale It Back”
  16. Yonas Michael – “House Full Of Women”
  17. J. Cole – “Lost Ones”
  18. Jay-Z & Kanye West – “New Day”
  19. Kids These Days – “Clear Eyes”
  20. Proh Mic ft. Tone Trezure – “Sleep In Girl” (Local Music)
  21. J. Bre ft. Luck-One & Grynch – “Memories” (Local Music)
  22. Black Eyed Peas – “Fallin’ Up” (Throwback of the Week)
  23. DMP – “We Ain’t Playin’”

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Common – Blue Sky (lyric video)

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Self-explanatory. Great record.  Com’s The Dreamer, The Believer will be released on November 22nd and we’ll also be getting an official video for this song soon.

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Common ft. Nas – Ghetto Dreams (video)

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I’m glad this song and video came out after the Fox News “controversy” regarding Com’s appearance at the White House, just cause I know it would be an easy target. Nas murdered this record, btw.

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Jon Stewart defends Common to Bill O’Reilly

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Following up on the absolutely absurd “controversy” regarding Common’s appearance at the White House, Jon sat down with O’Reilly to dispense more ether, this time face-to-face.

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The Daily Show & Soulstice on Common x White House x Faux News

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When Sound Session debuted on KUBE six years ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming Common to the studio as our first guest.  We dedicated the entire show to his music and he regaled us with behind the scenes tales about his favorite songs off each of his classic albums.  Since then, we’ve had him on the show numerous times (remember this listening party?) and run into him at all sorts of events.  Throughout all this interaction, one thing has stood out to me above even the quality of his music: this is one of the nicest “celebrities” I’ve ever met.

Common has a way of talking to you so genuinely that you know he actually cares about what you’re discussing and more importantly, he cares about you.  Honestly, it’s kind of spooky.  Years after first talking about how I coached youth basketball, he asked me out of the blue: “are you still coaching kids?”  He’s just a great dude and an excellent representative of our culture.

This is not to say he’s without flaws, but much like 2Pac, he represents the natural duality that we all share in our morals/ethics and his music always reflects what he believes, even if it’s not popular.  He’s also grown as an artist and person over the years (haven’t we all?), which makes this Fox News pseudo-controversy all the more hysterical.  If you’ve been living under a rock, Jon Stewart can get you up to speed:

Not much more needs to be said (aside from PLEASE DON’T EVER EVEN PRETEND TO RAP, JON), but rapper SoulStice summed up his thoughts nicely in a recent email:

What’s the word?

I think I’m going to need a late pass on this one. I didn’t realize that Common had been invited to perform at the White House until after Sarah Palin had already gotten on the air and poo-pooed the whole thing.

My response to Common performing lyrics as poetry at the White House is probably as predictable as Sarah Palin’s. Yay! For me, this is a form of acknowledgement by those in power that the voice of my generation as expressed through hip hop is recognized not only for its entertainment value but for its social and political relevance. Never mind that this acknowledgement comes from a President that himself struggles for acceptance as part of mainstream America.

When Sarah Palin says that Common’s body of work doesn’t withstand the scrutiny of representing “all that’s good about America,” she does have a point. Common’s third album, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense (1997)” was a very influential one for me. On “Hungry,” Common raps:

“Downtown interracial lovers hold hands,
I breathe heavy like an old man…”

At the time, I remember reflecting on those lines for a while. Although in 1997 I hadn’t yet dated outside of my race (wasn’t the coolest move to make in my segregation-minded Chicagoland high school), I knew that one of my favorite artists and I felt differently on the subject of interracial relationships. Today, as part of an interracial marriage and father to a multi-ethnic child, my view on the subject is as diametrically opposed as ever to the view expressed on “Hungry.” Hopefully Common’s is too.

So no, Common’s body of work doesn’t withstand the scrutiny of representing “all that’s good about America.” But isn’t that bar too high? I wouldn’t pass that test. For that matter, neither would Palin, Hannity, O’Reilly or any of the right-wing (or otherwise) critics of Obama’s choice to bring Common to the White House. Even removing all of moral blemishes like the “Hungry” line from Common’s catalog, it wouldn’t clear the bar that Palin has set here. As an artist, Common has chosen to shine a light on some of the things that aren’t so good about America like police brutality and racial bias in the prison system. Would it be too much to ask for Palin and others to spend some time reflecting on the hard truths in lyrics like those before rushing to shoot the messenger?

I applaud the White House for hosting Common for a performance. Even with his imperfections, I think he’s done more to uplift America than any of the aforementioned pundits whose self-serving divisiveness does more to harm our social fabric than to strengthen it. On “G.O.D.,” another song from “One Day It’ll All Make Sense,” Common spit another couple of lines that have stuck with me all these years:

“Long as you know it’s a being that’s supreme to you,
and let that show towards others in the things you do”

Words to live by.

peace —


It’s one thing for Faux News to do this to other news stories, but when they go after one of the members of our community, it annoys me to no end. They really shouldn’t speak on things that they have no concept of, but I suppose that’s par for the course throughout media, not just on Fox.

As our generation gets older, it’s up to people like you, me, and SoulStice to continue to bring sanity to these “debates.” We have an obligation to push the discourse in the right direction and away from the silliness.

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