Clock Radio Speakers podcast with DJ Hyphen

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(you like that 3rd person blog title, don’t ya?)

The homies Doc and Armond do one of the best hip-hop podcasts around with their Clock Radio Speakers show and I was honored to be a guest on a recent episode of theirs.  Toss this on and listen to us nerd out about all sorts of topics, including rap’s fascination with radio play and how radio really works, Wale’s issues with Complex, “event” releases in 2013 from artists like Jay-Z and Beyonce, my #InboxMadness Twitter series, industry tastemakers, and a whole bunch more.  Just a fun discussion with some folks that truly love music.  Good times.

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N.E.R.D. on Pass Da Mic TV

Posted in Artists, Other Peoples' Interviews, Videos on June 14th, 2008 by Hyphen

Couple things:

  • Shout to Vancouver hip-hop
  • LOL @ Pharrell always rocking that gray sweatshirt and red hat. I think he has the Inspecter Gadget closet full of that outfit. Double LOL @ remembering the dog’s name in that cartoon was “Brain.”
  • Hearing Pharrell talk about how 2 million units sold isn’t a big number sounds mad out of place in 2008. Perhaps 2 mill wasn’t huge when Fly or Die dropped, but how many artists sell that these days? Like…5-8 last year…in all genres combined?
  • I enjoy P’s CRS answer, though he delivered it better in my interview with him, which you can peep here (or here).
  • Swiped from the BBC blog.
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