Sound Session #442 (12-1-13)

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It’s been a busy week here, so apologies for the delay on the latest episode of SNSS.  Lots of good music on this episode from artists like Action Bronson, J. Cole, ASAP Rocky, Lloyd Banks, Yo Gotti, Tinashe, Childish Gambino, Made In Heights, The Game, Cormega, OnCue, Aloe Blacc, and more, but I must admit, the most enjoyable part of my week was checking out the Drake tour.

It’s pretty clear to me that as big as some of these other artists are, it’s Kanye and Drake at the top…and then everyone else.  Nobody else has the popularity, artistry, and quality like those two.  Drake’s a great live performer, with better breath control and enunciation than most of the backpack rappity rap rappers that try to criticize him (or at least their fans do).  He also has hits…an astonishing number of hits…for someone’s who’s only been releasing music for a little over 5 years now.  He shut down the arena and didn’t even do about 30 records he could have.  Impressive.

Anyway, in more important and serious news, our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of a longtime fixture in the Seattle hip-hop community, Byrdie.  While he passed away last week, his music will live on and it’s clear that everyone in the scene here cherishes the memories they have with him.  I only knew him a little bit, since he was most active while I was at college in California, but I remember him being one of the first artists from the town that I played on my college radio show.  I was always excited to hear new music from him and it’s unfortunate his illness didn’t allow him to release more material.  RIP Byrdie.

Show #442 (12-1-13)

  1. Byrdie – “B.Y.R.D.I.E.” (Local Music) (Throwback of the Week)
  2. Step Brothers (Evidence & Alchemist) – “Step Masters”
  3. Action Bronson & Party Supplies – “The Don’s Cheek”
  4. Justin Timberlake ft. J. Cole, ASAP Rocky, & Pusha T – “TKO (Black Friday Remix)”
  5. Schoolboy Q – “Man Of The Year”
  6. Yo Gotti ft. T.I. – “King Sh*t”
  7. Lloyd Banks – “Lead The Blind”
  8. Tinashe ft. Travis Scott – “Vulnerable”
  9. Jhene Aiko – “The Worst”
  10. Drake – “Come Thru”
  11. Childish Gambino – “Telegraph Ave”
  12. MeLo-X – “A Tree Must Be A Tree”
  13. Made In Heights – “Death” (Local Music)
  14. Gabriel Teodros ft. Sarah MK – “Black Love” (Local Music)
  15. Kenautis Smith & Black Spade – “Lay It Down”
  16. Aloe Blacc – “Love Is The Answer”
  17. Black Milk ft. Mel – “Interpret Sabotage”
  18. Owuor Arunga ft. DadaBass & Felicia Loud – “Black As They Come” (Local Music)
  19. The Game – “Breakfast With Al Pacino”
  20. Pusha T ft. Pharrell – “S.N.I.T.C.H.”
  21. Cormega ft. Raekwon – “Honorable”
  22. OnCue ft. Sonny Shotz – “Anything’s Real, Pt. 2”
  23. Shad – “Thank You”

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Drake – 5AM In Toronto (video)

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Not sure I’ll ever really need to watch this video again, but the song is mean. Drizzy!

*books ticket to Beach Blast*

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Drake – Started From The Bottom (video)

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I love that Drizzy had everyone thinking this was a(n attempt at a) hard, street record and then when the video drops, we see it open with kids playing soccer and extended comedic scenes with his boys.  Even when it gets a little darker at the end, it’s still centered around laughs with his homies.  Be careful with putting the whole team on though, Drizzy.  Go ask Hammer.

Also, this video solidifies Drake as the unequivocal king of unintentionally hilarious video faces.  He’s gotta be in on it at this point, right?

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Drake ft. Rihanna – Take Care (video)

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I love how Drake’s at the point where he can just release two videos out of the blue with no regard for marketing pushes from his label or anything else to worry about.  It’s similar to Kanye releasing “Theraflu” for no reason right after “Mercy,” just cause he felt that the people needed them both.  So right after “HYFR” comes this more serious, sullen video from Drizzy and a very un-Rihanna looking Robin Fenty.  As far as radio singles go, I’d be hard pressed to think of a record I like more than this one in the past year.

And if you want the inspiration, enjoy the classic from Bobby “Blue” Bland:

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Rick Ross ft. Drake and French Montana – Stay Schemin (video)

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Drizzy’s verse:

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Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga – The Motto (Remix) (video)

Posted in Artists, Music Videos on December 21st, 2011 by Hyphen

Aw man…when I saw this picture, I didn’t think it was actually going to be the attire for the “Motto” video…amazing hahaha.  In any event, the song is dope…actually, amend that: the beat, hook, and Drizzy’s verse are dope.  I’m not sure why Tyga was invited to the party, other than to help continue raising his buzz, which is actually starting to increase these days.  Wayne…I don’t even know where to start.  Let’s just say his appearances remind me more and more of this every day:

Shrug. Tunechi!

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Florence + the Machine – Take Care (cover) (live)

Posted in Artists, Live Performances, Videos on December 3rd, 2011 by Hyphen

I’ve been meaning to post this up since last week, but I’ve been caught up in the post-Thanksgiving madness.  Florence kills this version of Drake and Rihanna’s soon to be smash in this live performance for BBC Radio 1.  As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, I can’t tell whether I live it and then Drake puts it in to song, or he writes about it and then it happens to me.  Either way, I’m pretty sure he owes me royalties on my life right now.

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Drake – Headlines

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New Drizzy courtesy of OVO.

Drake – “Headlines”

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Drake – Marvin’s Room (video)

Posted in Artists, Music Videos on June 28th, 2011 by Hyphen

It seems like when folks aren’t discussing planking on Twitter (hip-hop, you’re late to the party on that one), they’re talking Drizzy. I’ve seen negative feedback from a lot of my friends and peers for “Marvin’s Room” and “Trust Issues,” but like pretty much all of Drake’s music, I like these records.

And as emo as people want to accuse Drake of being, there’s something pretty gully about dropping the official visuals for “Marvin’s Room” right after Chris Brown released his version. Wamp waaaaaamp.

“I’m talkin’ crazy girl, I’m lucky that you picked up…”

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J. Cole ft. Drake – In The Morning (video)

Posted in Artists, Music Videos on February 17th, 2011 by Hyphen

Cole and Drizzy could have made a larger production for the “In The Morning” video, but these visuals shot during their European string of concerts works nicely.  The best way to start your day!

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