Olivia Munn FTW

Posted in Art, Random Ish on June 23rd, 2009 by Hyphen

I know TAOD is generally PG, but Olivia Munn’s non-nude (booooo) Playboy spread is now online and it’s so necessary.  See the rest of the pictures here.  I think we need to get Munn on SNSS someday.

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Cheatin’ Unleashed

Posted in Comedy, Videos on December 5th, 2008 by Hyphen

Hahahaha classic.  I’m not a gamer at all (still only have an old X-Box), but G4 is my new favorite network.  This one came from their X-Play show. That show is dope, but Attack of the Show is where it’s at.  Completely hilarious, plus I’m in love with Olivia Munn.  Talk about wifey material.

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Murs on Freestyle 101

Posted in Artists, Live Performances, Videos on July 23rd, 2008 by Hyphen

Murs stops by G4 TV‘s Freestyle 101 and drops an ill video game inspired verse from off the dome.  Too many people these days think a “freestyle” is just a random verse.  I suppose the definition has changed enough that it can be, but I still maintain the true essence of it is to actually go off the top.  More MC’s need to remember how to do that.  My man Eddie would love the nerdiness of this video, but unfortunately he’s scared to death of the 8th Wonder of the World, aka Murs’ hair.

Swiped from 2 Dope Boyz.

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