Big Sean x Sound Session – Studio 93 interview

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SNSS x Big Sean

Cleaning up and organizing my archives today and I came across these videos of our Studio 93 interview with Big Sean from 9/11/13.  As he mentioned at the beginning of the first video, Sound Session gave Sean one of his first major radio interviews and we’ve been homies ever since. One of the coolest and nicest dudes in the biz. It’s always a ton of fun to chop it up with him.

We never posted it or blasted it out since the production value is pretty much non-existent.  A year later, it’s obviously older content, but it’s still a fun discussion that has some interesting insight from Sean on his music and life.  It’s something that belongs in the SNSS library here on TAOD.

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Usher – Pro Lover

Posted in Artists, Joints on April 1st, 2010 by Hyphen

Ok, so my last post made me feel kind of bad for old Ursher.  I’ve been listening to his new album recently and while very little of it is actually appealing to me, there’s one track that I like a lot:

Usher – “Pro Lover”

Perhaps it’s the subtle Dawn Penn reference in the lyrics, or perhaps it’s his incredibly romantic chorus, sure to make all the ladies swoon:

“Lovin’ me baby, that’s a no-no/
I’m better when I touch and go/
I’m tryin’ to add your name/
To my Hall of Fame/
Not just a player, I’m a pro”

Really a modern day Marvin Gaye with the songwriting.  Alright fine, just enjoy the melody…

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