Palin swings and misses…again

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Wow.  At this point, every moronic, bumbling, “college kid who didn’t do the reading” answer Palin gives is actually getting scarier and scarier.  This person just isn’t informed enough about issues to be a 72 year old, 4 time cancer survivor (who won’t release his full medical records) heartbeat away from being the president.  I mean, are you serious?  Really?  Her as the leader of the free world?  This is a joke…right?

The debate tomorrow will be interesting, but the talking points and headlines from the right wing have already been written.  Her expectations are so low that as long as she doesn’t pass out on stage, people will claim she did a great job.  Also, regardless of how Biden performs, he’ll be called a sexist or condescending.  We already know it’s coming, so watch for that spin right after the debate.  So predictable.

In truth, if they stick to the issues, it will be clear than Palin (and McCain) is nothing more than empty rhetoric, without any real policies or plans to improve the country.  She’ll throw around buzzwords like “reform” and “maverick” and pepper her answers with references to America’s greatness and how to keep us safe from terrorism.  Ironically, one of her main attack points will be that Biden has been in Washington too long and she’s the ‘new blood.’  Sadly, he running mate is John McCain.  Every attack with that line of thinking could easily be applied to her own presidential candidate, which I hope the pundits will point out after the debate.  After all, we are talking about the American public here.  We need things to be laid out explicitly for them to understand what they are watching, preferably with a shiny diagram or two.

The bottom line is that this is a ‘change’ election.  When the country goes through a hard time, the party in power gets voted out and the other one gets its shot.  McCain was running as the ‘experience’ candidate while Barack was the ‘change’ candidate.  Once they realized that they would lose this battle all day, every day, McCain’s camp went with Palin and tried to morph into a ‘change’ campaign.  They aren’t, but it’s a cute effort, and you’ll see this moronic hypocrisy on display tomorrow night.  Don’t you just love our political process?

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CNN’s Jack Cafferty joins in on the ethering

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(hahahaha @ Couric’s ice grill like “you are setting us back with every word you utter”)

Wow.  Tell ’em why you mad, son.  Old white guy ether is the best.

It’s been fascinating to watch how quickly the Palin effect turned negative, and rightly so.  Regardless of what side of the policy debates you fall on, she’s clearly an awful VP candidate and was solely picked to try to throw a wrinkle into the race.  From day one, even the other Republicans were salty about this and now that the initial “OMG HE PICKED A WOMAN” buzz has died, she’s killing McCain’s campaign every time she opens her mouth.

LOL @ that answer in the Couric interview.  Paul Krugman hit it on the head: it sounded like a college freshman who showed up to class without doing any of the reading.  “Totally incoherent.”

The scariest part about all this is that McCain’s entire mantra of “Country First” was drop-kicked out the window by making this selection.  They knew the only chance they had in the election was to play the gender wildcard, and it shows how reckless a campaign he’s running.  This is a 72 year old, four time cancer survivor…and he picked THIS?  [Nappy Roots] Aw hell naw [/Nappy].

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