Pac Div – Mayor (video)

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The long awaited video for Pac Div’s “Mayor” just dropped and I think the visuals fit nicely with the 2009 west coast anthem (any other contenders so far?).  Rapping in front of the old Forum was a great touch, though using the “clean” edit with dirty adlibs and sample in the beat was kinda strange.  Universal Motown had that problem when they first sent out the clean edit and it looks like it struck again.  No matter, still a dope track and that beat [west coaster] is hella hooard homey [/*dub*].

Video courtesy of OnSmash.  Be on the lookout for a Pac Div appearance on SNSS soon…

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Sound Session #211 (6-14-09)

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Back once again, it’s the incredible…err, Sound Session.  Y’all know the drill though: here’s another edition of SNSS, complete with new tracks from artists like the Clipse, Ali Vegas, U-N-I, Jay-Z, Mos Def, Grouch & Eligh, Raekwon, J. Cole, Grand Puba, Outasight, and more.  There’s a ton of great music out these days and each week, it’s a thrill to be able to blast it out over a 100K-watt frequency.

Oh…almost forgot – I should congratulate the Lakers for winning the NBA Championship.  I’m pretty indifferent to the current team (Van Exel/Eddie/Ceballos/etc. was my squad though), but I do prefer to see folks who haven’t won rings before get that feeling.  I would have liked the Magic to win, but L.A. was clearly the best team in the league.  Plus, we know Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, Adam Morrison, DJ Mbenga, and the crew put in that hard work to get their well deserved rings.

Special shout to Jerry West and the Grizzlies for making it all possible by swinging probably the most one sided trade in the history of organized sports and rescuing the franchise.  Anytime you pull off a trade that NBA Live would veto, you know you’re the king.  The Logo comes through again for the Lakers!  “…no disrespect.”

Show #211 (6-14-09)

  1. Clipse ft. Pharrell – “I’m Good”
  2. Drama ft. Nas, Willie The Kid, Scarface, & Marsha Ambrosius – “Yacht Music”
  3. Ali Vegas ft. Glenn Lewis – “The Block”
  4. Eclipse (of the Parker Brothaz) ft. BJ – “Still Parker Brothaz” (Local Artist)
  5. U-N-I – “Stylin’”
  6. J. Cole – “Heartache”
  7. Jay-Z – “D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)”
  8. Mos Def ft. Slick Rick – “Auditorium”
  9. Grand Puba ft. Lord Jamar & Rell – “I See Dead People”
  10. Outasight – “Brand New Day”
  11. Mycle Wastman – “Still Holdin’ On” (Local Artist)
  12. Murs – “Break Up (The OJ Song)”
  13. Mayer Hawthorne – “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out (Astronote Remix)”
  14. Ghostface Killah – “Forever”
  15. Shawn Starr ft. GMK – “Past The Games” (Local Artist)
  16. DJ Spinna ft. Phonte & Yahzarah – “Guaranteed”
  17. Grouch & Eligh ft. Blu – “Old Souls”
  18. Tame One ft. Breeze Brewin & Aesop Rock – “Molly”
  19. Raekwon ft. M.O.P. & Kool G Rap – “Ill Figurines”
  20. Marco Polo & Torae ft. Saukrates & S-Roc – “Crashing Down”

Link to download the mp3 of the show –
(back up / streaming link –

Remember to download our new Cornerstone Mixtape too!  It’s getting rave reviews all over the net, but you should already know the music is great.  If you like Sound Session, you’ll like this tape –

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No foul either.  What was the ref watching?

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Annoying as hell

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Celtic Fail

Dreamhost was trippin’ and TAOD was down from for the entire afternoon/evening.  Third time this has happened in like a month and a half.  Hopefully we’re back up and running just fine, but I suppose the one positive of an outage is that I get to post a new fail pic each time.  Sorry bout that y’all.

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