Bored in the studio

Posted in Joints, Random Ish, Videos on February 16th, 2009 by Hyphen

This is what happens when nobody else is in the studio on SNSS and I’m bored as hell.  Plus, I needed a short video to practice editing with iMovie on the new MacBook Pro I recently added to the arsenal.  I’ll post up last night’s Sound Session later today, but as you can see, I was busy completely wasting my time.

And yeah, I need to get a little lower on the handstand push ups.  Freestanding would be nice too, but I’m not at that Jackie Chan Andrew Bueno level yet.  What up Dru!

Anyone know how to maintain the highest level of quality for Flip Cam movies edited through iMovie?  I converted the .avi to .mov through Quicktime so it would open in iMovie, then exported in what I thought was decent quality, but it looks pretty fuzzy.  Or should I man up and just edit the .avi’s directly in Final Cut Pro?  I need to get this U-N-I interview put together and posted up asap…

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