Wack Lyric of the Day, 9-21-10

Posted in Wack Lyric of the Day on September 21st, 2010 by Hyphen

“I don’t play, no/
Sticky, like Play-Doh”

— Snoop Dogg, “It’s On Tonite”

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 5-29-08

Posted in Wack Lyric of the Day on May 29th, 2008 by Hyphen

A wise man once said, “if I don’t like it, I don’t like it, that don’t mean that I’m hating.”

I swear I’m not a “hater,” there’s just an incredible amount of wackness out there these days, particularly in hip-hop.  Back in college, I got tired of people blindly singing along to whatever they heard on the air or at parties, so I decided to start calling out horrible lyrics.  “Wack Lyric of the Day” was born, though I should mention that at the time, I also tossed in a “Dope Lyric” and a “Dope Song” too.

Now, I’ve reincarnated WLotD.  However, these days, times are tougher.  The environment’s in peril, there’s a worldwide food crisis, gas prices are through the roof, our economy is hemmoraging, and some people actually think Lil’ Wayne is the best rapper alive.  So rather than bring back all the daily categories, you only get the Wack Lyric.  Perhaps in happier times we can shine light on some dopeness, but for now, there’s too much idiocy running rampant in these songs.

Oh, and just in case people get all sensitive, having a wack lyric doesn’t mean you’re a wack rapper.  Sometimes I’ll call out rappers I really dig, if they spit something dumb.  In 2008, wackness knows no boundaries…

Wack Lyric of the Day, 5-29-08:

“Still G’s up, it won’t ease up/It’s cool…n****s hated on Jesus”
–Maino, “Hi Haters”

Sigh.  I don’t think it was really “hating” per se, Maino.

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