Exile – “A Milli” (video)

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Criminally underrated producer Exile is dropping his new album Radio in January and he’s been shooting some of these ill promo videos leading up to the release.  In this edition, he chops up Lil’ Wayne and some Hiero to show you what true mpc mastery looks like.  Weezy never sounded so good.

Shout to the homey Jon Kim for sending this through.

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The beat is still wack, but I didn’t see this coming

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That’s wild, and easily the dopest thing related to this beat.  I’m still not feeling it and all the oversaturation with various “freestyles” definitely didn’t help.  On a related note, I’m sure Busta’s “I Got Bass” will be labeled one of the bangers of the summer, but that beat’s wack too.  Sue me.  I will give Bangladesh props for flipping this random obscure sample though.

Swiped from FWMJ.

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A.P.T. – O Bama

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A.P.T. – “O Bama”

“O Bama” >>>> “A Milli” all day.  Peep A.P.T.’s blog if you want to hear more.

Shout to smokeYYY for the mp3.  Double shout to Nils for finding the video.

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