Jamie Foxx ft. Drake, The-Dream, & Kanye West – Digital Girl (Remix) (video)

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The video doesn’t do much for me (not really into girls looking like Destro), but the track is dope.  Well, the track is cool…and the verses from Drizzy and ‘Ye are fire.  Anyone who drops an “alt-tab” reference automatically wins, and Kanye’s verse is pretty much spot on.  “Even [his] superficial raps are super official.”  Not sure what’s up with the beat change during his verse for the video, but it’s cool.

And just to show you how far we’ve come in less than a decade of widespread technological assisted hook ups, I present Next’s classically bad computer-related sex track, “Cybersex”:

That’s right ladies…he wants your PC…to sit on his laptop.  “Oh technology, wow”…not one of RL’s finer moments.

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Wack Lyric of the Day, 11-25-08

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Akon decided to raise the WLotD bar with this one and do an entire song full of…questionable…lyrics.  Here’s the first 20 seconds:

“I won’t take off your mp3 address, until you tell me yes/
That you received my text, now you got the sex/
I wanna mp3 me & you, I’m on your laptop/
Go ahead and download, baaaaaaby/
I wanna mp3 me & you, straight from my hard drive/
Into your software, gotta let you know I care”
–Akon, “MP3 Me & You”

Can’t we just kill this whole extended metaphor already?  Next did it first (“I want your PC, sit on my laptop”), and every incarnation since then has been embarrassingly bad.  Here’s the ‘Kon if you want to hear more of the hilarity:

Akon – “MP3 Me & You”

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