Nas – Sly Fox (live)

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We’ve seen Nas perform this before, so I wasn’t going to post it up until Tunj pointed out that dude kept the CBS diss in, despite rocking on Letterman.  “I watch CBS and I see BS.”  That’s gangster and I approve.  Plus, it sounds better with a live band.

There’s a good chance I’ll spazz out to this song when he drops it for Rock The Bells at the Gorge.

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Nas on The Colbert Report

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I caught this live last night and wanted to share it right away.  As always, the net comes through in the clutch and it’s instantly archived.  I love technology.  Colby covers Nas &’s protest of Fox News’ racist propaganda and then sits down with Nas for a brief interview.  Footage of that, plus Nas’ “Sly Fox” performance, and clips of the protest after the jump.  Well done Nasir.

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Nas – Sly Fox (official video)

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(why is there a Wolf Blitzer CNN clip in there?)

You know, honestly, I prefer the fan made video I posted yesterday.  But regardless, this is dope and Cordero gets props for including Jay Smooth and Info in it.  Plus, I’m glad he decided to take this in the ‘new media’ direction, in that WE ARE the new media outlets.  Blogs, messageboards, podcasts, etc. can all help fight media consolidation.  Don’t let the internet turn into the radio.

Swiped from Mr. X.

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Nas – Sly Fox (unofficial video)

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Here’s a dope fan video for Nas’ “Sly Fox” track off Untitled created by Ego from Soundcircuit.  With the recent news that Rik Cordero and Nasir are working on an official video (complete with Jay Smooth and Miss Info cameos!), I hope the real one takes this idea even further.  Fox News is a complete joke, and I could really write a book on all the things wrong with that network.  Suffice it to say, as a media studies major, they represent everything wrong with mass media in this country to me.  At their best, they’re poor journalists.  At their worst, they’re racist criminals.  ARE THEY HERE?  EFF EM.

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