“Can I Talk My Ish Again?”…’Ye in NYC

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Yes, you can.

The #1 Human Being, Kanye West, performed at Madison Square Garden in NYC last night, and tore it down as usual.  Instead of his traditional “I’m, I’m…sky high!” rendition of “Touch The Sky,” he ended the song with a heartfelt speech to the crowd.  This is why dude is my one of my favorite people in the industry (well, that and this).  Although he’s still completely wrong about Souljah Boy being dope, he’s spot on concerning everything else.  And even when I disagree with what he says, “you gotta love it though, somebody still speak from his soul.”

Spotted at Info’s, who, according to interviews I’ve been reading to prepare for my own later on today, is public enemy #1 for an upcoming Sound Session guest.  It’s wack when two people actually doing good work in this industry filled with morons (note to email blasters) have a misunderstanding.  I’m sure it ain’t that serious though, *shrug*.

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Barack Obama on Iraq and national security

Posted in News, Politics, Videos on July 24th, 2008 by Hyphen

I’ve been meaning to post this up for a week now, but better late than never.  In a speech on July 15th, Barack laid out his policy on the war in Iraq and national security in general, in part to quell these nonsensical accusations that he’s flip-flopped on the issue.  From day one, he’s maintained the same ideas and principles, and stated them numerous times.  I’m tired of people complaining that Barack is just spouting empty rhetoric without any substance, only because they’re too lazy to do any research and dig past the soundbites they hear on TV.  It’s imperative that you take the time to seek out more than the 30 second clips on the news, or the intentionally simplified stump speeches.  I highly encourage everyone to read his last book, The Audacity of Hope (which you should be up on if you made your way to this URL), and the policies laid out on his website here.  It’s all there if you’re willing to educate yourself.

In short, the 5 goals Obama outlined for his national security strategy in this speech are:

  1. Ending the war in Iraq responsibly
  2. Finishing the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban
  3. Securing all nuclear weapons and materials from terrorists and rogue states
  4. Achieving true energy security
  5. Rebuilding our alliances to meet the challenges of the 21st century

He explains the importance and strategy for each goal in the speech, and in even more detail on his site.  Take the time to educate yourself, especially if you think he’s peddling empty hopes and dreams.  There is real substance here.  It’s correct, and drastically different from what McCain is proposing.

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More Father’s Day Goodness

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Yeah, just like the Fest post, a little late…but this is important so it goes on TAOD. Plus, Barack’s my new boss. Holler @ me if you or your friends need to register or need anything from the campaign here in Seattle. We’ll make that happen with the quickness. “Unite For Change” house parties are coming up on the 28th! Save the date.

Can’t wait for this dude to be President.

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