Wack Lyric of the Day, 6-9-08

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(was it commonplace to have a shirtless dude line you up back then?)

Man, just like T3’s unfortunate bar last week, this pains me to do. This time we’re dealing with a legend, but even Big Daddy Kane isn’t immune to the WLotD. It’s [Hov] so mean & vicious [/Hov]

“Better bring witcha ya fire extinguisher/Listen, I love static, and I’m ready to cling to ya”
–Big Daddy Kane, “Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em) (Remix)”

And like I’ve mentioned before, one wack lyric doesn’t mean the song is bad. This remix to Busta’s single is one of the hottest joints out…even the gremlin kinda kills it.

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Nappy Roots – “No Static”

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Most days, my inbox is filled with some of the worst music ever created…no hyperbole.  Tonight I was happy to see a new Nappy Roots joint, and then even more excited for it to be real dope.  That second verse is ridiculous.  Smooth beat too, with a nice usage of Greg N-I-C-EEEEEEEEEEE.  Peep it:

Nappy Roots – “No Static”

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