Emily Pilloton interview on the Colbert Report

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Emily Pilloton
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My nerd crush on Ms. Pilloton aside (smart women FTW), this is awesome.

In short, she graduated from Berkeley trained as an architect, but after working a few years in “the real world” making conventional goods, she realized she wanted to do more.  At 26, she founded Project H Design, a non-profit created to put design innovation to better use.  Rather than focus on making money, Project H seeks “the triple bottom line: planet, people, & profit.”

As a post grad that’s been disillusioned with the rat race from time to time myself, I love that she took a chance and put her ideals first.  It’s actually not that different from our mindset with Sound Session…well, in terms of doing work you believe in, rather than “selling out” if you well.  Kudos to Emily and if you’d like to read more or become involved, check out their site.

Here’s a great presentation of hers from last year that explains things a little further:

Seattle people: it looks like they have a chapter here in the 206, so if you’re looking for some direction in life and have extra time on your hands, you know what to do.

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Future Perfect

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Anyone who knows me in person knows that I’ve been talking about this for a while.  As a media studies major, it’s hilarious to watch how predictable the media has become, on both sides.  Every time you think it can’t get any worse, an agency like Fox News stoops to new mindblowingly low levels of journalistic integrity.  They literally write the headlines they want to see and then just report them, regardless of what actually happened.  It’s often said that “history is written by the victor,” and while that will always be true, we now have another form of manipulation blending the lines between fact and fiction.

If I can dictate what happens tomorrow, I don’t have to do anything today.  I just make it so.  Scary.

By the way, the hour of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report is by far the best thing on television.  If you’re not watching these programs on a nightly basis, you’re missing out on the smartest humor out there.  I pity the fool.

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