Sound Session #217 (7-26-09)

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Ok, honestly…it’s about 10pm and still damn near 90 degrees here in Seattle.  I like summer weather, but in a city that only has AC in office buildings and stores, we’re just not built for this.  J and I always disagree, but I’d rather be too cold over too hot any day.  If it’s freezing, at least you can turn on the heat or put on more clothes.  If it’s 80+ degrees in the dead of night, there’s only so many Otter Pops you can devour.

Unfortunately for the town, we didn’t help the cause by playing [Dylan] hot fiya [/Chappelle] this week on SNSS.  With new joints from the Roots, Goapele, Saukrates, Killer Mike, Jay-Z, Pac Div, Mr. Hudson, and more, this was a great show from start to finish.  Shout to our homey Larry Mizell Jr. (aka Gatsby from Cancer Rising) for coming through to celebrate his inheritance of Street Sounds, one of the longest running radio programs here in Seattle.  Be sure to check him out every Sunday on 90.3 KEXP ( from 6-9pm to hear more great hip-hop on the airwaves.  Sunday nights are oh so official in Seattle.

Lastly, peep the footage we just posted of Asher Roth performing at our Summer Jam in front of 15K people last weekend right here.  For more Summer Jam footage featuring artists like the New Boyz, Asher, Kid Cudi, The-Dream, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Sean Paul, Akon, and Ludacris, keep your eyes on this page all week.  We’ll have more live clips and our interviews with Cudi and Asher coming soon as well.

Show #217 (7-26-09)

  1. The Roots – “How I Got Over”
  2. U-N-I – “Land Of The Kings”
  3. Goapele – “Milk & Honey”
  4. Consequence ft. Kanye West & John Legend – “Whatever U Want”
  5. Saukrates ft. Rich Kidd – “Salt N Pepper”
  6. Rakim – “Holy Are You”
  7. Trife Diesel – “Wanna Be A Rapper”
  8. Killer Mike – “In My City”
  10. Grynch ft. RA Scion (of Common Market) – “You Know Me” (Local Music)
  11. J. Cole – “Dream Girl”
  12. Jay-Z ft. Kanye West & Rihanna – “Run This Town”
  13. Freeway & Jake One – “Bloggers” (Local Music)
  14. Pac Div – “Back”
  15. Asher Roth ft. Chester French – “As I Em”
  16. Slaughterhouse – “Cuckoo”
  17. Drake – “The Winner”
  18. The Physics ft. Language Arts – “Back Track” (Local Music)
  19. Punchlyne & Fokis – “We Came To Rock”
  20. Mr. Hudson ft. Kid Cudi – “Everything Is Broken”

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DJ Hyphen, J. Moore, & DJ B-Mello – Cornerstone Mixtape #115

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Yes y’all, the time has finally come for the release of the newest Cornerstone Mixtape, presented by J. Moore, DJ B-Mello, and yours truly.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Cornerstone is one of the preeminent marketing companies in the music industry and they’ve been releasing a monthly mixtape for years.  The hosts of each edition are hand selected by the Cornerstone staff and to be picked is considered a pretty high honor within hip-hop, one we’re thankful and proud to receive.  Some of the past participants  include  legends like DJ Premier, Pete Rock, DJ Jazzy Jeff, the Fantastic Four (from Friday Night Flavas), DJ Revolution, and countless others.  J and I are excited to be able to join those ranks and represent Seattle alongside our longtime friend and fellow DJ, the original West Coast Tapemaster, DJ B-Mello.

To be honest, it’s a bit surreal to see myself plastered on one of these covers since I’ve been collecting the tapes for years.  To go from a kid bumming copies from my industry friends each month, to being added to the Cornerstone ship list (what up TNT!), to now helping host a tape myself…I can’t front, it’s a really cool feeling.  Big shout to the entire 1200 Squad, particularly Blaze Wong, J, Dru Ha, and Rob Stone, for working with me throughout my college radio years and now at KUBE with Sunday Night Sound Session.  They truly respect and live this culture, and they recognize folks who are helping keep it alive like J, Mello, and myself.  Much appreciated fellas.

Alright, enough sentimentality.  If you’re interested, peep the tracklisting for our mix and download it through one of the links below.  We finished this up back in April, so a few of the songs are a little old right now.  That said, I think we did a pretty damn good job keeping it current and we even managed to hang on to a couple exclusives…no small feat in this day and age.  As always, our goal was to provide you with some great music and perhaps expose you to an artist you might not be familiar with.

Please feel free to repost and share around the net to all your people.  Most importantly, just like on my old Beats, Rhymes, and Life mixtapes, remember to support the artists if you’re feeling their music!


Download Cornerstone Mixtape #115
(back up link #1 –
(back up link #2 –


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