Wack Lyric of the Day, 6-12-08

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(what happened?)

Man, labels are making my job easy. I don’t even have to search for these, they come right to my inbox every day. LL may be a legend, but he manages to fire off multiple wack lines in his new single featuring The Dream, the creatively titled…”Baby.” Sigh. Here’s a sampling:

“Hot sex on a platter, no need to cook/I let her steal my heart like a horny crook”
“My pulp ain’t fiction, it’s an addiction/To see your booty clap on the floor in the kitchen”
“Nasty girl, taught me all the lingo/Mama played bingo/She ride mandingo/She don’t give a damn if I’m married or single/She makes me tingle!”
“She lookin’ for a man that could give her a break/Like Usher or Justin Tim-ber-lake/I’m really not sure if her breasts are fake/Cause with whipped cream on ’em, they taste just like cake”
“Bought her some dessert, give a damn if it’s early/Head spinnin’ around like roller derby”

And in the last verse he breaks out the stale Nelly impression and fires off a depressing string of “surrre/currr/hurrr/everywurrrr” rhymes.

Oh, I can’t forget The Dream on the hook too. In stirring lyrics that evoke the complex emotions of love and heartbreak that only classic soul music can provide, he channels a young Stevie and sings:

“I’m your baby, I’m your baby, I’m your baby, I’m your baby, I’m your baby, your baby, your baby, your baby/I’m your baby, your baby, your baby, your baby, I’m your baby, your baby, yeah, yeaaaah, yeaaaaaah, hell yeaaaaah”

Epic. [Hov] Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it? [/Hov]

Anyway, listen…if…you…dare.

LL Cool J ft. The Dream – “Baby”

In much doper LL related news, Info posted up an ill segment of Tony Toca‘s radio show where Eminem (still alive!?!) prank called Touch and LL. Definitely a much better listen than the single. Wow @ that ish getting 30K downloads in a day. Anything Em touches blows the hell up.

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Travis Barker helps out Busta

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Never been a Blink 182 fan, but their behind the scenes stuff on MTV always made me think they seemed like cool dudes. I remember they renamed fan “meet and greets” as “meet and creeps,” which anyone who has helped run one can definitely relate to. Then again, I also remember seeing some of that awful reality show about Travis Barker’s marriage. So I guess it’s a push.

Anyway, Travis has been “remixing” random hip-hop joints over the last year by playing live drums alongside the track. This one with Busta Rhymes’ “Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em)” is the best one by far, mainly because he actually picked a good song to rework. No matter how much you kill the drums on a Soulja Boy track, I still can’t listen to that…

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