Sample Vault – Mighty Diamonds

Posted in Samples on October 3rd, 2008 by Hyphen

9th Wondra

Haven’t done one of these Sample Vault posts in a minute, so here’s a classic flipped by a certain Bad Man.  The other half of this song is coming to town next week for all my Seattle people…

Mighty Diamonds – “Illiteracy”

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Sample Vault – Bobby Womack

Posted in Samples on June 16th, 2008 by Hyphen

The Good Ol' Days

(ahh, the good ol’ days)

Already been working crazy hard with this Obama campaign stuff…and it just started! It’s gonna be a rough six weeks, but I got this. I was listening to this joint in the ride today and part of the second verse really stuck with me…

“..Needed to chill and take a rest stop/Cause my job got me slavin’ like I’m Dred Scott/Take a break? Nah n***a, you bett’ not/Cause that’s when the respect stops/Energy drained, I need a blast like Hi-Tek got…”

I feel that. Here’s the original:

Bobby Womack – “And I Love Her”

(sidenote, the guys in the last Sample Vault also flipped this for an unreleased song produced by Ayatollah. There’s another usage that I can’t recall right now too…the part from :28 to :44 ish…if anyone knows, leave a comment)

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Sample Vault – Don Randi

Posted in Samples on June 13th, 2008 by Hyphen


(damn @ how young they look)

Don Randi – “The Fox”

“eschuchela…la ciudad respirando…”

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Sample Vault – Rene Costy

Posted in Samples on June 9th, 2008 by Hyphen

I’ve always been a sample fiend. Not for any deep reason, I just think it’s dope to hear how producers flip music from various genres into hot hip-hop beats. Plus, much of the music that gets sampled has about 34290823942839342x the soul and emotion that contemporary music has (I’m looking at you T-Pain). Right now, my comp has a few thousand original samples on it, so I figured I’d share some every now and then. Nothing necessarily super rare, just some good ish. Between these entries and sites like Kevin Nottingham‘s excellent blog & Meka’s “Soul Mix Show” posts over at the Dopehouse, the internet is a sample fiend’s paradise.

Conversely, it’s a producer’s nightmare. So rather than put beatmakers on blast (“you’re VIOLATIN’, straight up and down” – Premier) and help lazy lawyers using Google to track down uncleared samples, I won’t exactly name names. You should know ’em all anyway. If not, you must learn. First up:

Eff The Police

Rene Costy – “Scrabble”

You heard us, SPD.

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