Sound Session #573 (10/23/16)

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On behalf of the wonderful city of Seattle and all its denizens, I apologize for the atrocity of a NFL game the nation witnessed last night.  Here in one of our ESPN Australia offices, I had a tough time explaining to my coworkers why the Seahawks should be taken seriously as Super Bowl contenders, but at least the defense came to play.  An offensive line has never been more aptly named, however.  “Turrible” (c) Charles Barkley (speaking of Chuck, NBA’s back this week!).

On this episode of SNSS, we ran through new records from the Swet Shop Boys (Riz, the lead actor in The Night Of & Heems from Das Racist), NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge), SiR, Like, Apollo Brown & Skyzoo, OnCue, Rajitheone, Solange, Phora, Cole King & Tunji Ige, AlunaGeorge, Common & Stevie Wonder, IshDARR, Duckwrth, and more.  Throwback dedicated to the boom-bap that sounds so good in the worsening weather back home (sorry, can’t relate).


Show #573 (10/23/16)

1. Swet Shop Boyz – “Tiger Hologram”
2. NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) – “What More Can I Say”
3. NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) – “Kutless”
4. SiR – “All In My Head”
5. Like – “Lamped”
6. Apollo Brown & Skyzoo ft. Conway & Westside Gunn – “Basquiat On The Draw”
7. Mobb Deep – “Drop A Gem On Em” (Throwback of the Week)
8. Bryson Tiller – “Let Me Explain”
9. OnCue – “3AM”
10. Rajitheone – “#WhiteGirlVoice”
11. Brent Faiyaz – “No One Knows”
12. Porter Ray ft. Jus Moni – “Inside” (Local Music)
13. TYuS – “Slow Jam” (Local Music)
14. BANKS – “Mind Games”
15. Aaron Abernathy ft. Phonte & Black Milk – “Bachelorette”
16. Reva DeVito – “The Move” (Local Music)
17. IshDARR – “Sugar”
18. Solange – “Cranes In The Sky (Kaytranada DJ Edit)”
19. Chance The Rapper ft. Knox Fortune – “All Night (Kaytranada Extended Joint)”
20. GTA ft. Tinashe – “All Caught Up”
21. Common ft. Stevie Wonder – “Black America Again”
22. Phora – “Venice Waves / Changes”
23. Cole King ft. Tunji Ige – “Nothin Changed”
24. Duckwrth ft. Sabrina Claudio – “I’m Dead”
25. AlunaGeorge – “In My Head”

Link to download –

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Mt. Superior, Utah

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This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen, but damn if I wouldn’t love to try it…

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Sound Session #247 (2-21-10)

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Ok, I must admit, it’s a little sad that the site has pretty much been reduced to Sound Session episodes and little else, but I’ll work on that.  Perhaps I’ll bring back Wack Lyric of the Day, I’ve been letting a lot of y’all rappers slide.

Anyway, it’s been pretty hectic lately and like I mentioned last week, I’m completely locked in to the Olympics.  From skicross to hockey, the action has been incredible, though I did finally find an event that completely sucks.  That’s right ice dancing: you…are…awful.

In short, imagine figure skating (sigh) without the athletic tricks and jumps…ok, that’s rough enough, right?  Now…add themes (often offensive to your morality, if not your senses), an obscene amount of make up, music seemingly stolen from John Tesh’s unreleased vaults, and the douchiest overall presentation of any event in the Games, and you’ve got yourself ice dancing.  Even the other figure skaters think it’s “a trifle dramatic.”  It’s painful to watch hockey all day and then see NBC broadcast ballet on ice, minus the aerials, during prime time.  I keep hoping Ovechkin will come out of nowhere to treat Belbin and Agosto like Jagr, but sadly, they seem to use different venues for these events.

The only thing that provides an appropriate recovery after being exposed to ice dancing is, of course, Sound Session.  Enjoy.

Show #247 (2-21-10)

  1. Nas & Damian Marley – “Strong Will Continue”
  2. Strong Arm Steady ft. Phonte – “Best Of Times”
  3. H.O.P.E. – “Me&Her”
  4. Jern Eye ft. Spank Pops & J-Billion – “Cali”
  5. Freeway & Jake One ft. Young Chris – “Microphone Killa” (Local Music)
  6. Statik Selektah ft. Lil’ Fame, Havoc, & Kool G Rap – “Do It 2 Death”
  7. Sean Price – “Shut The F*ck Up”
  8. Nottz – “Shine So Brite”
  9. Spaid – “Love Affair” (Local Music)
  10. B.o.B ft. Asher Roth – “F*ck The Money”
  11. El Prez – “Burger Time”
  12. TiRon – “For Your Smile”
  13. Kidz In The Hall ft. Jay Electronica – “Cool, Relax”
  14. Kooley High ft. Median – “Solitude”
  15. Aloe Blacc – “Dollar”
  16. Concise Kilgore – “Alaska”
  17. 2 Hungry Bros. ft. Substantial – “Can’t Be That Stupid”
  18. Moka Only – “Search” (Local Music)
  19. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – “He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper” (Throwback of the Week)
  20. Quadron – “Pressure”
  21. Janelle Monae – “Cold War”
  22. Holy Ghost! – “Hold On”

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(2nd back up –

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Sunday Night Snow Session

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What can I say…I was bored and needed to get out of the house.  Seeing as how its been snowing for 10+ hours now and the roads are completely covered, I’m guessing there won’t be an episode of Sound Session tonight.  I’m hoping to have some cool stuff to post up in the next few days to make it up to y’all.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, stay warm!

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