U-N-I video interview on Hip-Hop Official

More good looks for the homies Y-O and Thurzday, who are destined for big things. Here’s an interview they did as Hip-Hop Official’s “Artist of the Week” segment.

LOL @ the superhero pound. ya diiiiig?

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2 Responses to “U-N-I video interview on Hip-Hop Official”

  1. chev says:

    i like the dialouge they started havin bout airplay. interesting that they werent in compliance.

    i wonder if thurz ever gets hounded on a paparazzi tip for lookin like kanye..

  2. […] little video of the homies Y-O, Thurz, and Swivll performing “Castlevania” from their Hip-Hop Official interview a little while back.  I love that Y-O always breaks out that NES during this song.  If you missed […]

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