Yung Berg – “The Business” (Video)

I saw this over at RealTalkNY, and I’m posting it for 3 reasons.

  1. When I first heard this joint about 6 weeks ago, “Lollipop” and “Love In This Club,” were the two biggest songs in the country (might still be I guess), and this song struck me as such a blatant attempt to combine the two. I think it could definitely be a hit as well, but I loathe clear cut cases of swagger jacking. [Mark Jackson] You’re better than that, Berg. [/Mark Jackson]
  2. Berg’s Transformers chain is crazy…though it’s a little sad how many times he tries to show it off in this video. I guess I would too, that thing’s crushing Sean Kingston’s Crayola nonsense.
  3. It gave me an excuse to post up an all-time classic:

Retroactive ‘pause‘ on that one ref.

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  1. Npha says:

    “The Business” found its way on American Gladiators last season too:

    Yung Berg is trash, DMX cosigned him, so you know you gotta be on crack to rock with it

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