Inverse featured on MySpace (again)!


The longtime homies, Inverse, just got their second well deserved feature on MySpace. This time, along with being on the front of the “Music” section, they also got placement on the main login page. So when you sign in to listen to horrible musicians trying to befriend you and sell you crap stay up to date with your friends, look out for Toby and Tunji. You can also download their ridiculously dope So Far (The Collection) project off their page for free, so go get that if you’re sleeping. These guys are destined for big things people…get on the bandwagon now.

And if you’re thinking “Tunji…that name sounds familiar,” that’s cause you’ve been hearing this at 10:45 PM every Sunday night on KUBE 93.3 before we start our show:

Tunji – “Sunday Night Sound Session Intro”

Be sure to check out their blog regularly too!

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