Alicia Keys ft. LL Cool J – Teenage Love Affair (Remix)


I’m posting this for a couple reasons.  First, it’s a dope track.  Second, a lower quality mp3 of it has been floating around the net for the past week, but this is the fully mastered version.  Third, who doesn’t remember their teenage love?  Talk about timeless…those were the days.  Life was so simple then, before this whole “job” thing got in the way.  Lastly, I just wanted an excuse to Google image search Alicia, easily one of the hottest women on the planet.  I picked an older shot of her, back when she came on the scene with the braids, hat, and all.  I remember seeing the video for “Fallin’” and being mesmerized by her eyes.  And I don’t even notice eyes like that.  She was just ridiculous, and still is.

Alicia Keys ft. LL Cool J – “Teenage Love Affair (Remix)”

Props to Swizz Beatz for actually making a nice track too…though the original beat is still the ish.

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  1. Alicia Keys has the beauty and voice to match i hope she will be around for a lifetime she ROCKS!

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