Zo! and Tigallo Love The 80’s (artwork)

Zo! and Tigallo

Hahahahaha, I can’t wait for this.  If you’re sleeping, Phonte from Little Brother is teaming up with the immensely talented Zo! to drop an EP full of classic 1980’s remakes later this year. They just put out the cover artwork and it pretty much sums up the project perfectly.  Here are the tracks that they’ve leaked so far:

Zo! and Tigallo – “Africa”
Zo! and Tigallo – “Steppin’ Out”
Zo! and Tigallo ft. Carlitta Durand – “Take On Me”

Stay up to date with Zo! and Tay at the project’s MySpace page.  I know Percy Miracles died a while ago, but I hope he makes an appearance on this.  Perhaps they have something from the vaults…

Sidenote: the audacity of putting an exclamation mark at the end of your name is freaking fantastic.  You’re literally forced to be excited when talking about Zo!!  See?  Brilliant.

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