Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle

If y’all ain’t up on the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle, you really should be. Not only is it an incredible event, but it’s the brainchild of my Sound Session co-host, J. Moore, and the homies Jake One, Vitamin D, DV-One, and Marcus Lalario. In essence, the idea is to emulate and update a traditional ‘sound-clash’ by pitting 2 producers against each other in a head to head beat battle. You play your beat, he plays his. Repeat. Then the crowd picks the winner. Pretty simple right?

The program runs in multiple cities over the summer, taking the top 2 finishers in every region to the final round at the end of the year. Last year, Sabzi (of Blue Scholars & Common Market) won the title here in Seattle. This year, Philadelphia, Oakland, and Houston have already represented, and Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, DC, and Los Angeles are on deck. The finals will be held in NYC in December. Producers looking to get involved can apply on the Big Tune website.

Yesterday, The Smoking Section wrote a dope piece on the event with a few videos wrapping up Philly and Oakland. Check out the feature right here.  Big tings a gwan!

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