AC – New Soul (video)

I played this joint a while back on Sound Session and every time we ran it, people called in to find out who it was.  Well now you get some visuals to answer all your questions.  LOL @ the Apple ethering at the end.  PC4LIFE son.

AC – “New Soul”

Check out more from AC on his MySpace.

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2 Responses to “AC – New Soul (video)”

  1. sinderblock says:

    nahright swagger jacker lol…get original dude..all you do is copy and paste from nahright

  2. Hyphen says:

    hahaha easy Stanley. The one time I forget to cite my source, you’re on top of it. Well done. I did indeed see this on Nah Right and forgot to link back to Eskay. Thankfully, the world didn’t end. It was close though.

    The other 99.9999% of the times when I’ve posted something from any other site, I’ve referenced it in the post. That’d be like “swagger jacking” a bibliography…which clearly makes no sense.

    Besides, aren’t my interviews, radio shows, and other original posts by definition original content? Some of which, Eskay has even been kind enough to feature on Nah Right. preciate you dropping by though man, make yourself at home.

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