Foundation Crossfit on Sound Session

My good friends Dru and John from Foundation Crossfit stopped by Sound Session on Sunday to talk a little bit about working out. They explained exactly what crossfit is, what they do at their gym in North Seattle, how you can get down with some free workouts, and more. Make sure you come to the gym for the free “Rainstorm” workouts every weekend. It’s the best workout in Seattle, hands down. Whether you’re in shape or not, you can always get healthier! I’m there every week, and the people are super cool & friendly, so come check it out. Aight?

For more information, peep their website –

DISCLAIMER: That Bud Light didn’t belong to the workout warriors. That was Stretch’s from The Parker Brothaz, one of the best hip-hop groups in the NW, who were also on the show. You can hear more of them (and understand why we were joking about Yung Joc) by downloading the full show.

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  1. Dwinson says:

    nice video man. look at john’s face man. fucking excited. big ups to foundation crossfit! that bud light is probably dru’s beer. stop lying for him dorian.

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