Reminder: NO SOUND SESSION TONIGHT (7-20-08)

Summer Jam passes

Just a heads up, Sound Session won’t be on the air tonight (Sunday) since we’ll all be at KUBE’s annual Summer Jam concert.  We’ll be back on air next week, and if all goes right, we’ll have exclusive interviews from The Game, Kardinal Offishall, and Wyclef Jean for y’all.

If you need your SNSS fix, just check out the “Download Archive” sidebar (or click here) and listen to some of our older episodes and interviews.  There’s some classic stuff there…

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6 Responses to “Reminder: NO SOUND SESSION TONIGHT (7-20-08)”

  1. mike says:


    I was lookin’ forward to that bad. Gonna have to dig deep to find a show I haven’t heard yet in the archives now.

  2. charles says:

    I feel you mike, I’m like a crack fiend. I need my SNSS fix.

  3. mack says:

    i still have rick ross stuck in my head…looooong ass day. wasn’t feeling weezy rapping over himself. game spent 1/3 of his set giving dedications and dissing g-unit. t spain talked too much. bow wow kinda impressed me with his showmanship…i was sooo tired by the time that wayne got there. the crowd was about ready to kill eric powers and the sound-men who kept moving the mic stands to distract the crowd. he didn’t play the songs i wanted him to (which i expected). still entertaining but somewhat disappointing on his energy level…

    but goddamn the women! never go to summer jam with your girlfriend..

  4. Hyphen says:

    Sorry Mike and Charles, hope y’all were able to cope! We’ll be back this coming week.

    ahahaha Mack, that’s hilarious. I think the concert went off really well from a technical standpoint, aside from the delay waiting for Wayne. He was coming from Jamaica though, so he really did get there as soon as possible. Even though I’m not a fan of his, the crowd loved it so I think he did a good job. I agree on the instrumentals though…he was rapping to songs that I have the beats for…how does that even happen? Wyclef did the same thing tonight at his show, kinda strange.

    The best part of Summer Jam was that we registered 71 new voters there that day. gObama!

  5. mack says:

    yea, technically it went pretty well. a little too long between everyone’s set, but kube’s flying in people from all over the world…i was thinking yesterday that one of the dopest things about wayne’s set was seeing the audience rapping along with him. alllll types of people. wayne is that dude right now in hip-hop (despite wack lyric of the day). at this very moment he’s at the top and it was tight to experience that…

    good shit on the new voters hyphen!

  6. Hyphen says:

    Thanks man. yeah, as much as I don’t like Wayne’s druggie ramblings and general weirdness these days, the fans love him. It’s always fun to watch entertainers like that control the crowd. Kinda reminded me of when I saw Metallica at the EMP grand opening back in the day. I didn’t like their music, but they rocked the HELL out of the crowd. Wayne did pretty much the same thing.

    let’s get up sometime soon man, been a minute

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