Game ft. Travis Barker – Dope Boys (video)

The video for Game’s new single, “Dope Boys,” just dropped thanks to DJ Skee, so here it is.  Not really breaking ground on anything new, but some pretty nice visuals.  Along with the producers 1500 or Nothin’ (I’ve heard that sample is from “Eleanor Rigby“…if so, that’s gonna be tough to clear), Travis killed this track.  I don’t know why more people don’t get live drummers on their tracks.  Oh yeah I do, it’s the same reason why they stopped sampling: it costs more money.  Eh well, enjoy it where you can!  Mp3 if you need it:

The Game ft. Travis Barker – “Dope Boys”

Interview with Game coming this weekend.

Swiped from SkeeTV.

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