Wack Lyric of the Day, 7-25-08


“I am not homophobic, but I do not believe in you f****ts/
Stay in the closet, Catholic priest maggot/
Elton John habits, raised on Bert & Ernie in bathtubs/
Scrubbin’ each others backs, that’s ass backwards”
–Reks, “The One”

Reks is dope, homophobia is not (even if you try to use a disclaimer).

I’m a big Reks fan, cause dude is one of the illest MC’s and hardest spitters that we have in the game today, but I can’t cosign the lines above.  Anyone telling gay people to “stay in the closet” gets the Cliff-face.  It’s 2008.  Evolve.

His new album, Grey Hairs, is dope though.  I just can’t vibe to those bars in that one song.  Shrug.

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20 Responses to “Wack Lyric of the Day, 7-25-08”

  1. sinnister says:

    shouldnt a emcee always seek to express himself? if thats the way reks feels then why should he care? who are you to tell him to evolve? maybe thats jis morals…if we all evolved then we’d be all the same right?

    so your saying he should evolve and not say what he feels? how can someone question someones beliefs or judge em?

  2. Hyphen says:

    There ya go, that’s a legitimate comment. Well done.

    In response, clearly, a MC should always express himself. I support that 100%. However, when someone expresses his/her opinion in a piece of art for public consumption, that opinion is then open to be commented on. So when Reks puts it out there in a song that he thinks gays should “stay in the closet,” anyone can feel free to agree with him, or, as I did, disagree. I think homophobia is wack, so I expressed my opinion.

    Nobody is saying that Reks shouldn’t be free to speak his mind. I encourage that. Unfortunately, he seems to hold a view on homosexuality that many in this country share…a view that is harmful and hateful. That’s how I see it, and my site is my platform for my thoughts. Doesn’t make me right or wrong.

  3. sinnister says:

    fair enough…you know what man…your a goog man after all…kudos…

  4. sinnister says:

    you just prooved you respond to hate/criticism….

  5. Hyphen says:

    thanks man.

    and nah, I only respond to legitimate comments. Your posts are getting moderated because you’re either attacking me on some random fantasy ish, or you’re trying to post under my name.

    If you post actual responses to any of the content, whether agreeing or disagreeing, as long as it’s respectful, I’ll certainly approve it.

    You realize you’re coming into my house, disrespecting me, and then expecting to stay right? Calm down.

  6. sinnister says:

    hey..i’ll level with ya..please change the banner and make it more nice…thats really throwing the whole feel off….you need something thta will set your blog apart and stand out from others…bloggin is not a game shit is real out there my nigg

  7. Hyphen says:

    preciate the suggestions, thanks man

  8. drew says:

    well said Hyphen

    i’ve been loving this Reks album, but those lines really irritate me.

    it’s a shame hip-hop perpetuates this sort of hate while seeking to overcome other forms of hate

  9. ZILLA says:

    Love your blog…

  10. Hyphen says:


    Just checked out your site as well, very dope. I’ll be sure to check you out often, keep up the good work

  11. TigerL says:

    Reks states that he is ‘not homophobic’. He may not be afraid of gay people as is implied by the term ‘phobic’, but he definitely displays a dislike for them. I don’t understand how a person can dislike an entire group of people for being or doing something that has absolutely no effect on them whatsoever.

    Souds a lot like racism, doesn’t it?

    I understand and respect a person’s right to express opinions, but when a lot of people are listening there is a great responsibility involved. Reks has a powerful tool in his music and with power comes responsibility. I hope that in the future, any negative opinions about a group of people can be left out. there are a lot of impressionable people out there who will listen to those lines and believe in them because someone they respect has that opinion.

    Please don’t perpetuate hate. Rap should be about respect.

  12. Tommi says:

    Hey Hyphen, gotta agree with your post, I’m lovin’ Grey Hairs, but can’t get over this lyric. Keep posting your stuff, and greetings from Finland!

  13. Hyphen says:

    Word up, thanks Tommi, glad you enjoy the site. Word to TigerL too…on point!

  14. BC says:

    I think that first statement there is really directed to Gay Priests, in response to all of that bullshit thats come out in recent years…I have no problem with gays, but I have to admit that if I had a 5 y/o Son like Reks (I have a 5 y/o Daughter so i have diferent worries, might even prefer if she grew up to like girls, lol, j/p), I would certainly want to limit his exposure to it…not that he would love his Son less, or that I would love my Daughter any differently, but that would be some tough shit…its also a tough thing to discuss with your children at 5 years old, I have personally had a few conversations with Reks, and I know for a fact that his Son, and being a concerned Father, motivates much of his thinking, and that whole album was written with the thought of his Son hearing it(and understanding it someday) in mind…i dont think he means that all gays should stay in closet, but certainly if a priest happens to be gay- he had better keep that shit in the damn closet…and I also agree that Bert and Ernie, both being male characters, should not be bathing each other…that just aint right to put on a show for kids like Sesame Street…not that you should teach kids to hate it…but c’mon that aint right

  15. Hyphen says:

    What up BC, good thoughts. If you know Reks and his comments aren’t directed towards all gay people, then that definitely makes a difference with the lyric. However, I’d say that he could have been more careful with that line to make that clear if that’s the case.

    Also, I disagree with the idea that any gay person should stay in the closet, even priests. Now, if a priest is gay, there’s definitely an internal contradiction there, so there’s many issues at play. I would hope that a gay person wouldn’t go into a field that condemns his own actions so strongly, but people are inherently hypocritical. This gets into a larger issue of organized religion, but I don’t really want to open that can of worms. Basically, I think people should be true to themselves and if there’s a higher power, I would hope he/she/it allows that.

    I also don’t agree that seeing Bert & Ernie in a bathtub plays any part in someone growing up to be gay, and to me, it sounds like homophobia. But again, to each his own and I respect Reks for saying something of substance in his music (and killing it lyrically for the whole album)…I just disagree with the views I’m interpreting from it at times.

  16. BC says:

    No doubt, I can hear where your coming from- I consider myself to be a pretty open minded person(you have to be nowadays) but we will all still have our own points of view, it would be crazy to expect to agree with everything that even your favorite Emcees say, but obviously I limit what I listen too, to a select few, those of which I do generally agree on many subjects with. But by no means, am I prone to letting my own beliefs be changed by some one, just because I like their music- Unfortunately not enough “hip-hop” fans feel this way…which is why we see such a negative effect on our culture related to ,ah hem, all this so-called “hip-hop” we see flooding our vision nowadays, but thats a whole different discussion.

    I have to agree, its not a subject for this blog- but no, gay men should not be preists in the first place, and I wouldnt think a gay man would want to be one, but then agreeing that peaople ARE inherently hypocrytical, maybe the case is that they are so ashamed of their sexuality that they enter preisthood expecting it to help them change themselves- ok, thats it, I’m putting that can back down too.

    As far as Bert & Ernie, I dont necessarily think that plays any part in some one becoming gay… but my only question is this: if you had a 5 year old Son, would you want him bathing with his friends? or to think its ok at that age? gay or straight I just think its inapropriate for kids…but its not like i dont let my daughter watch Sesame Street, and it aint like losing any sleep over it…just my $.02

    glad I found your blog tho…keep doin your thing.

  17. Hyphen says:

    Thanks man, I appreciate it…especially when educated readers like you check out the site, that’s ill. And yeah, I agree, that priest topic could go on for ages…we could write a book on it, easy.

    As for the Bert & Ernie stuff, I can’t say I’ve ever thought about what the cut off point is for kids bathing together. I know when you’re real little (like babies), it’s pretty normal, but since I don’t have any kids, I’ve never thought about when I’d stop that. Like you said, I think everyone is perfectly allowed to make their own decisions about stuff like that. I just think that my bottom line is that seeing two cartoon characters bath together doesn’t make the viewer more inclined to be gay. People are free to disapprove of Bert & Ernie rub-a-dubbin’, but personally, I don’t think they should worry that if their kid gets a glimpse, he’s gonna be gay.

    Anyway, good ish man. Hope you continue to enjoy the blog

  18. steve says:

    reks is the illest rapper ut and that you may not like you have to admit it is ill!!!!!!!!

  19. Enig says:

    The whole beginning of the song The One was meant to be inflammatory. What you took the most offense to was dependent on what issue you were most sensitive about. One of my white friends pitched a bitch about the nation being built on the black peoples back line, he felt like he was being singled out and felt guilty about it. My opinion is that Reks was saying these remarks to start posts like this and open discussion, missions accomplished.

    sorry 4 being late to the picnic

  20. Hyphen says:

    What up dude, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree. There’s a chance that he merely meant to spark a convo, but I’m not so sure. Perhaps only Reks knows the answer. What I do know is that there’s far too much homophobia that gets a pass in hip-hop and this line adds to it, intentional or not. I think it’s an issue that needs to be addressed, and I called it like I see it.

    But for the record, Reks is still dope as hell. One of the best MC’s doing it, I just hate this line.

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