Consequence ft. GLC & Really Doe – Disperse (video)

Damn, I thought Shawn Jackson had a surprising number of videos off of one project when he dropped his 4th last week, but this is like the 7th from Cons’ last album.  Apparently his grind has paid off nicely cause the sales numbers for Don’t Quit Your Day Job are pretty impressive for a project of that size.  The song features his G.O.O.D. Music cohorts, GLC and Really Doe, along with cameos from all sorts of dope artists.

Sidenote: I wonder if the Pomona that GLC mentions is supposed to be the one in Cali.  If so, that brings back classic college memories…like the time in 2004 when Tunji told GLC his haircut sucked, almost leading to a physical altercation.  His most famous verse up to that point was on Kanye’s “Heavy Hitters” joint and included a line saying “mmhmm, mmhmm, NAW, your hair sucks!” (classic delivery btw).  Luckily he remembered and figured out the reference, but not before giving Tunj the ultimate screwface.  Good times.

Swiped from Consequence’s blog.

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