Chen Yibing is stronger than you

Chen Yibing

Ever since I took up crossfit, I’ve had a new found respect for gymnastics.  Growing up, I always played every team sport out there and, quite frankly, made fun of those dudes jumping around in tights during the Olympics.  While I still think the men’s floor exercise is a biiiit strange (bad ass triple flip combo…followed by an effeminate prance and leap?  umm, ok), I’ve been in awe of the bar and rings routines at the Games.

Yesterday, Chen Yibing won gold on the rings, beating out his teammate Yang Wei by a slim margin.  Both their routines were incredible, but Chen’s was on another level.  He just looked effortless out there.  I highly suggest you watch it here (apologies if you’re outside of the States…NBC hates y’all).

My crossfit inspired goal is to be able to hold an iron cross for 5 seconds someday.  Dru, let’s get it.

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