Notion – World Domi-Notion (mixtape)

Notion cover

The past few days, I’ve had the pleasure of chilling with some of Australia’s dopest artists, Cee, Bekah, and Notion, as they’ve been here touring the States.  Sound Session listeners heard them on our last show, where we talked about their background a bit and what the scene is like down under.  That interview didn’t do them justice though, so I highly recommend peeping these two links where Kevin Nottingham and Travis @ Wake Your Daughter Up really get in depth with The Movement Fam.  Big shout to them for supporting emerging artists, especially cats like these from outside our borders.

Once you’ve read up, check out Notion’s new tape below.  This dude can really spit and he’s also starting to get it in on the production side of things too.  I heard some of the stuff he has on deck and the world’s about to catch on to his talent real soon.  Grab the tape and then stay up to date with everything he’s doing at  I’ll post up the new tape from Cee & Bekah shortly, since that’s fire as well.

Download here.

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5 Responses to “Notion – World Domi-Notion (mixtape)”

  1. Kevin says:

    Big ups for giving these cats props!

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  3. micnificent says:

    NOTION shit is dope….hope to do some work with this fella in the future…

  4. Kenton Charles says:

    sup mayne just downloading now give me holla sumtime

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