Letterman ethers McCain

In case you missed this from last night, Dave pwns McCain after canceling his appearance.  It’s definitely fine to cancel, but their camp said he would be immediately flying back to Washington DC to work on the economic crisis.  In actuality, he stayed in NYC for an interview and another appearance, and left later that evening.  LOL @ getting busted lying by a talk show host.  I love that Letterman and The View have called out some of the buffoonery more than the mainstream news media.

Don’t make me post Palin’s atrocious performance in the Katie Couric interview.  Dear God.

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3 Responses to “Letterman ethers McCain”

  1. C.A.S.H. says:

    Man….How many days do you think it will be before McCain’s campaign blows up in their face? It’s so many lies, blunders, and buffoonery acts by both McCain and Palin that sooner or later, the mainstream media will have to expose those bums…

    Obama 08!!

  2. Hyphen says:

    Fortunately for McCain/Palin, the media wants this election to be as close as possible. It’s the only way you can keep people watching in this ridiculous 24 hour news world we live in, so their ratings depend on keeping people interested. They’ll continue to manipulate the stories to fit their broadcasts…if they need to attack McCain, they will. If they think Obama’s leading too much, they’ll find something to attack him on. Gotta pay those sponsors!

  3. C.A.S.H. says:

    I hear ya, but i don’t know how long they can keep lying. Even some conservatives and republicans are starting to give up hope. I think that after the debate tonight, and especially after the vp debate, it’s gonna be a landslide for Obama…

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