Wack Lyric of the Day, 9-26-08

Whoopi Goldberg

(you were great in Ghost)

All-Wayne WLotD month is winding down, but we still have a few more days…and no shortage of material:

“That gun got me walking like I got irregular knees/
I be all over the bread like sesame seeds/
Automatic with the money, like Reggie for three/
Big Birds, no Sesame Street…b*tch!”
–Lil’ Wayne, “Weatherman”

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15 Responses to “Wack Lyric of the Day, 9-26-08”

  1. Yo i would swear you making some of this stuff up. He cant really be putting out lyrics this bad and people still calling him the greatest..but then again it is the present state of hip hop so yeah he probably could.

  2. djnphared says:

    I love the fact that half of the Bar Exam 2 is all the “classic” Wayne mixtape material with much, MUCH better lyrics/punchlines/flow/swagger/everything

  3. Esco says:

    Word to Sesame Street

  4. Man i dun think das wack,,,,,,,,,,r u serious ???
    Dasaent……..bitches !!

  5. SB says:

    i love how you know all these examples tho…. closet wayne fan maybe? lol

  6. Hyphen says:

    ^^more like competent Google user.

    but nah, Wayne has the ability to be dope…and I used to love his old SQAD freestyles. These days, dude is a joke though…and the more wack stuff he puts out, the more people say he’s the “best rapper alive”. shrug.

  7. SB says:

    Wayne comes through with dope shit still, but he has his share of wack shit as well. The B.R.A claims are not true, but don’t confuse the over-love he gets with his music.

    His haters seem to confuse the line between his music and his fans/stans

  8. Hyphen says:

    His verses are 95% wack these days. that ratio is too high to not call out, imo.

  9. SB says:

    theres still a lot worse….

    i can match you for every wack Wayne lyric with a dope ass one tho

  10. Hyphen says:

    hahah word up, feel free to do that if you feel like it. You’ll be happy to know today’s the last day of Wayne’s month. Then I’ll go back to spreading the wackness around.

  11. SB says:

    so i guess i win? lol

    from now on, everytime you post a wack lyric from in artist, i’ll much it with a dope one they did earlier haha good luck

  12. Hyphen says:

    You can do that, but it’d be mildly retarded. And if you do, you’ll have to do much better than those 2 wack lines you used in that last Wayne post, wow.

    But regardless man, you’re missing the whole point of these. Check the first one I did:

    Whether it’s from a wack artist or a dope artist, I’m just posting up lines I think that are weak. If you disagree, feel free. If you get worked up enough to post a rebuttal every day, you can, but you’re taking it way too seriously. Perhaps you can start a Dope Lyric of the Day blog if you feel your favorite artists are being slandered hahah

  13. becca says:

    the syrup has wayne on a short leash. he’s becoming less and less coherent by the day.

    that said, ‘all of the bread like sesame seeds’ isn’t half bad lol.

  14. tommygun says:

    room FULL of haterssss

  15. Hyphen says:

    wack is wack. hating is different

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