Sarah Palin’s Debate Flow Chart


In case you had any trouble following along with her rambling run-on sentences last night, here’s her basic formula.  Don’t make me post the transcripts.

Shout to my dude Tom for sending this through.

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  1. Andrea Woo says:

    We have to put the economy first because sometimes, you know, “Hey government, you’re not always the solution!” So we have to fix the economy for the hard working people and the kitchen table and middle class and, you know, it’s all about job creation. Because there’s also gas prices and climate change and the emissions and I just don’t believe that man is responsible, but there’s also Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists we can’t let them attack us at home ever again, so I respectfully disagree with you, Senator O’Biden, because John McCain is a maverick and he supports our troops, and I know you have a son in Iraq and that your wife was a school teacher — her reward is in heaven! — and education is just so important and maverick and maverick and also.

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