Murs – Lookin’ Fly (video)

Well, this is embarrassing.  Not the video itself, and certainly not Murs’ song, but you see all that footage inside the metal barriers from what appears to be the desert?  Yeah, that would be the Washington stop of the Rock The Bells tour down at the Gorge.  I think the only positive aspect of seeing all my fellow NW’ers look like idiots wild out in front of the camera is that my dudes got their “Wake Up and Smell The Hip-Hop” shirt in a Murs video.  That’s whassup.  Actually, this reminds me…I have random RTB footage to edit…I should probably get on that.

Seattle people:  be sure to catch Murs and Kidz In The Hall at Nectar on Saturday.  It’s gonna be a great show and it’s a weekend so you have no excuses.  I’ll leave you with a little treat courtesy of Kevin Nottingham‘s excellent blog:

Al Hirt – “The Green Hornet Theme (Flight of the Bumble Bee)”

Video swiped from OnSmash.

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4 Responses to “Murs – Lookin’ Fly (video)”

  1. donnie says:

    I love this album.. murs did his thang for hiphop

  2. kai says:

    love murs’ new album! he comes at it hard with his video “can it be”!

  3. hiphophead says:

    Murs is the best rapper alive! Love that new Lookin Fly video

  4. Ashely says:

    Murs 4 Prez! I love this video! Murray’s Revenge is going to be crazy!

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