White Guy Pop/Rock – Chester French & Colin Munroe

Chester French

I’m on my white guy ish right now.  My t-shirts feel tighter every day.  Sometimes you just gotta do it.

Here are two joints that have leaked recently, both of which are absolute fire.  The first is from Pharrell’s new group, Chester French, who are set to blow the hell up in 2009, if not earlier.  I’m still mad that these dudes had to cancel their Bumbershoot appearance and then didn’t open for Common & N.E.R.D.’s tour here in Seattle like they were supposed to.  Wtfffff.  Anyway, here’s the official, mastered version of their single:

Chester French – “She Loves Everybody”

Colin Munroe

Yeah, the dude who remade Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” into one of the illest joints of last year, Colin Munroe, is back with his own single.

Colin Munroe – “Will I Stay”

Be on the lookout for the remix with Wale too.  Eh what the hell, one more Chester French joint for the road…

Chester French – “My Party”

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3 Responses to “White Guy Pop/Rock – Chester French & Colin Munroe”

  1. tunji says:

    doooope. chester french EP drops on 11/11

  2. Gedi says:

    My t-shirts feel tighter every day. Sometimes you just gotta do it (c) hyphen……lmao

    What’s next homie, skinny jeans? lol

    I’ve heard good things about Chester French. I’ll check them out.

  3. Hyphen says:

    never skinny jeans. never.

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