Murs – Can It Be (video)

Dope new video for the lead single from Murs‘ latest album, Murs For President, which is in stores now.  I hate when I get chased by acrobatic parkour experts wearing gimp masks too.  But on the serious tip:

“I coulda done a Nas and screamed “hip-hop is dead”/
I got up off my ass and I did something instead/
Signed with the devil, brought the scene up a level/
Killed the beast from within, I’m a born again rebel”

That sums up Sound Session perfectly.  I’ve always said that we’re like Neo operating within the Matrix.

Anyway, Murs will be here in Seattle on Saturday for a show with Kidz In The Hall at Nectar.  Before that, I’ll be linking up with him…any questions y’all want me to ask?

Video courtesy of OnSmash.

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2 Responses to “Murs – Can It Be (video)”

  1. Vince says:

    If you could ask just his overall opinion of the young dudes in Cali who are currently on the rise. People like Blu, U-N-I, Pac Div, etc. If he’s had any conversations with them and how their generation of Cali hip hop is different than ones of the past. Mostly about Blu tho lol and what he thought about “Below The Heavens”, since I personally think it’s a classic.

    Thank him for his stuff with 9th. Albums like those can change lives.

  2. BD OMecca says:

    Nicely put vince, but I would like you to ask him why he gotta make a cd geared toward the youth of America then come to seattle where I have been waiting for him and make the show 21+!?….anyone know where I can cop a fake by saturday cause there’s no way the biggest murs fan in seattle is lettin age restriction get in the way.

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