Keating Economics

In the immortal words of Cam’Ron on Bill O’Reilly, “I got dirty on you doggy!!!!!”

But in all seriousness, this is rather important stuff.  For many of us, the Keating Five scandal happened when we were just children.  I certainly didn’t know anything about it at the time, and only heard vague references about it before becoming heavily interested in politics a few years ago.

In essence, the behavior and decisions McCain made during this scandal, and even today, make it painfully clear that he is not someone who should have any impact over our economy, especially during a crisis like this.  I’m not an economist, but I do firmly believe that there’s a certain level of regulation that you need.  The basic Republican tenet of deregulation has been shown time and time again that it’s not beneficial for the country.  Simply put, they are awful in all economic matters unless you’re “rich.”  May I remind you:

Even if we make every single right decision from here on out, it will take years for us to recover, let alone excel.  Obama’s plan and team of economic advisors is head and shoulders above McCain’s, which is why the Republicans have decided to throw the kitchen sink of smears at Barack.  It’ll continue to get worse, until McCain completely ruins any sort of positive legacy he has cultivated over the years.  But actually, when you look at things like the Keating Five, perhaps his reputation isn’t so sterling after all.

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