Let’s make history


You know what needs to be done.  Vote today, no excuses.

USA vote for Obama.  WA vote for Gregoire.  Let’s get to work.

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5 Responses to “Let’s make history”

  1. Gedi says:

    sup hyphen, the big day is finally here. I just hope the US. people do the right thing or a whole lot of y’all will be looking to move to Canada….lol

  2. djnphared says:

    6:30 AM homie, and it was packed

  3. thegodfif says:

    american dreaming…most historic day of our lives, let’s do what we need to do and not look back years later and speak on what could’ve or should’ve been

  4. mike says:

    Done deal. Was over weeks ago. A proud moment for the United States

  5. Hyphen says:

    thank you guys for helping make a difference, for real. We did it!

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