Wack Lyric of the Day, 11-24-08


I can’t even make out all the words around today’s WLotD, but Snoop gets the prize for hawking McDonald’s mid-verse.

“Mo’ at it, mo’ padded/
I’m the Big Mac with 4 patties/
Special sauce, mo’ cheese…”
–Snoop Dogg, “Day Dreaming”

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5 Responses to “Wack Lyric of the Day, 11-24-08”

  1. Kyle Ridings says:

    on the upside he dropped a dope song with kurupt, katt and soopafly…at least i liked it…altho i really think snoop is not a very good producer. but snoop is a legend

  2. Kyle Ridings says:

    snoop what happened there lol

  3. thegodfif says:

    snoop is a legend – but he’s still coming with those lines that make u go back and listen to doggystyle just to see if there was a hint of wack lyrics to come based on that dope first album. this lyric was just ? filler for lack of a better word, i guess it sounded dope cuz of the chronic in his system

    hyphen – i heard that illa j song where u gave him WLotD and i’m kinda feeling u, but it wasn’t that horrible, he’s still on beat with it, and it’s a nod to those slum village lyrics that weren’t that dope, and pretty questionable, but also still made u like the song because of the wack line, but u are a fool for having these posted

  4. Thig Nat says:

    haha, Snoop is definitely good for some wack lines every now and then. His flows on doggystyle, however, are pure genius throuhout that whole album.

  5. Hyphen says:

    Oh absolutely. Doggystyle is beyond classic.

    And Fif, yeah, I dig that Illa J song. As I’ve always said, a wack lyric doesn’t mean the artist, the song, or even the verse, is wack. I enjoy that whole Illa J album, even though there’s a lot of questionable stanzas.

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