Wack Lyric of the Day, 12-11-08


I checked out Freedom last weekend and you know it’s a sad day when I’m actually disappointed by an Akon album.  Like…I knew it wouldn’t be good, but wow.  It’s really that bad.  “I’m So Paid” is probably the best track, which is a bit scary.  There was one line on the album that stood out too:

“Flipping pages, now famous/
Thinking back, I ain’t seen you in ages/
Wishing I could make it less painless/
Brings me right back to the same as…”
–Akon, “Birthmark”

Wait a second.  “Less painless”?  So…more painful?

Grammar fail.

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4 Responses to “Wack Lyric of the Day, 12-11-08”

  1. Kyle Ridings says:

    i liked the album….but thats just me i guess…

  2. Jeph says:

    “less painless” lmfaoo!!!!…i guess noone in the studio felt like questioning him

  3. Sarah says:

    Are you kidding me? His album was great. Don’t go dising it, it’s called a preference in music, people have different tastes. A prime example is how I love it and you don’t. If you are going to say that it is not good, you better at least explain in extreme detail why that is. If you can’t, well then obviously it isn’t as bad as you think.

  4. Hyphen says:

    a) I don’t have to explain anything, let alone in “extreme detail,” on my blog. I can do what I please, as can you.

    b) You can like whatever you want, and I can dislike whatever I want. As you mentioned, “it’s called a preference in music.” If you disagree, congrats…feel free to post why it’s great…and I’ll give you extra points if you use “extreme detail.”

    c) Akon has talent, no doubt. But this album is full of generic uptempo “ballads” and pathetically trite lyrics. It’s really about as corny as it can get, and you know you’re in trouble when a T-Pain appearance marks one of the highlights.

    d) I’m glad you like the album.

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