Obama addresses the economic crisis

It’s time to put the smack down on these Republicans and their sickening behavior in the House and Senate. Not only are they being contrarian just for the sake of arguing, they have absolutely no legs to stand on.  When you’ve run the country into its lowest point since the Great Depression and have made wrong decision after wrong decision, your opinions and theories are null and void.  You had your chance and you failed…epically.

I’m glad Barack is playing nice with these fools, but they’ll soon find out that all their whining and complaining is going to be moot as he gets to work.  I just wish they’d spare us the show.  STFU and sit your ass down in the backseat.  You drove the country off the pavement at every fork in the road, and now you’re trying to tell us how to drive.  Why on earth should anyone listen to you?

Do your thing Barack and let’s get this headed in the right direction.

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