Octane – Leave Me Alone (video)

New dopeness from Michigan MC and Athletic Mic League affiliate, Octane, off his Forgotten Chosen album with Illite.  The hook is slightly generic and reminiscent of Thugnificent, but the verses are mean.  Plus, the homey 14KT* is on the beat, so you already know.

*Special shout to KT for hanging out with me when Shwayze was getting drinks thrown at him on stage at the Red Bull Moon Tower event at SXSW.  Easily one of the hilarious highlights of the week:

“Oooh, can’t hit me…I dodged that like the Matrix”…

*10 more drinks fly on the stage*

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5 Responses to “Octane – Leave Me Alone (video)”

  1. Jacob says:

    admit it hyphen, you threw one of those drinks at shwayze hahahaha

  2. Hyphen says:

    Sadly, I didn’t. That might have been the only time I regretted not having a drink in my hand…

  3. Juicyfruit says:

    Shoo me too, I fell asleep standing up during their whack ass set…

  4. jrems says:

    Octane isn’t a part of AML… but he’s definitely part of the fam.

  5. Hyphen says:

    Yeah, I didn’t write it all that clearly (still running on SXSW fumes haha), but I put “affiliate” cause I know he wasn’t officially part of the crew. That’s how I got initially put on to him though I think…back in those early Napster days

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