Drake – Best I Ever Had (live)

I mentioned this at the end of last night’s SNSS (which I’ll post up late tonight), so I thought I’d toss up the video for y’all.  Drake took NYC by storm at the end of last week and closed it out with a live show at SUNY Purchase.  If you weren’t convinced that this dude is going to be a huge star, watch how the audience is singing/rapping every word to “Best I Ever Had” like it’s the biggest song out right now.  Oh…and it was girls too…so you know Drizzy is gonna blow the hell up this summer.

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7 Responses to “Drake – Best I Ever Had (live)”

  1. mack says:

    yeaaaa man. and i hollered at his management over a year ago and they quoted me at 2 g’s for a verse. now, he doing tracks with hov, is on universal (i think?) and is getting reactions like this…i don’t have many regrets, but mannnnn.

  2. Hyphen says:

    whaaaa? 2g’s 2 years ago? yeesh. Nowadays, that might be a steal hahah

  3. Bourne Fiore says:

    I am seriously looking for his managements numbers! someone gert abck to me.


  4. […] even need to rap/sing any of his lyrics already.  These fans know every single word and just like the last time, this same phenomenon plays out every single night he performs.  Every time I play this joint on […]

  5. hi my name is star and i love your song best i ever had i listen every time it come on.

    hi my name is tyenashia i am your biggest fan and your song is so hot like i cant even say like you are the best thats me and my hubby song.

    love , star and tyenashia the besties……….

  6. belen says:

    heyyyyyyyyyy love the song wow thats for my boy yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. muscle says:

    my man you are a breath of fresh air keep makin them just like that peace one love muscle from jersey

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